REFOCUS Summerschool at TU Delft

26-30 Aug 2024 | Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

About the event

The summer school entitled "Future-ready Transport, Shipping, and Logistics: Rethinking competence and skills" offers a comprehensive educational experience, integrating six distinct courses that collectively prepare participants for the dynamic future of these industries. Covering critical topics such as sustainability, resilience, big data analytics, climate neutrality, safety, collaboration strategies, and port innovation, this program equips attendees with the competence and skills needed for excellence in the rapidly evolving transport, shipping, and logistics sectors. By emphasizing sustainability, innovation, and collaborative approaches, it fosters a forward-thinking mindset essential for success in these interconnected and ever-changing fields.

As this summerschool is part of the project validation, participation is free and in some cases travel costs can be re-imbursed through your University


The school will take place in Delft, The Netherlands from 26 August 2024 to 30 August 2024.


The REFOCUS Training School course is equivalent to 3 ECTS credits.  The school is in English.


19 August 2024 to 23 August 2024 (Online sessions week – online)

26 August 2024 to 30 August 2024 (Live sessions week – in person).



Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Mekelweg 2

2628CD Delft