Designing for use​​​​

a core competence for designers​​​​

31 May 2024 | 15:00 - 16:00 | IDE Arena

Jasper van Kuijk is a design researcher, writer, and recovering comedian. He is affiliated with IDE and the University of Karlstad in Sweden.

In his research, Jasper focuses on how organizations apply human/user-centered design in practice. In de Volkskrant, he writes the column "How hard can it be?", in which he dissects flaws in all sorts of contemporary design.

Recently, he released a popular scientific book on designing for use, 'How Easy Can You Make It?', on the principles, process, and practice of designing for use.

In this presentation, he will discuss why designing for use is a core competence for designers. He will be accompanied by Chris Meeuwsen, an IDE alumnus who has extensive experience in user/human-centered design practice. The book is in Dutch (for now), but the presentation and discussion will be in English.