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ONE International Cyber Business Event is an invitation-only event. If you did not receive an invitation yet but would like to attend the event, please request an invitation via the button on the right. Please note that this request does not give you a guarantee a spot at the event. A selection will be made and you will be informed.

ONE International Cyber Business Event​​​​

Would you like to connect with international peers in cybersecurity? Join us at the ONE International Cyber Business Event on Tuesday October 1, 2024, from 18:00-21:00h in the Leonardo Royal Hotel in The Hague, the International city of Peace and Justice.

This enjoyable network event for cybersecurity professionals is part of the Cybersecurity Week in The Hague and is hosted by the Municipality of The Hague together with InnovationQuarter. 

Prepare for an evening packed with networking opportunities and collaborative ventures against the backdrop of the ONE Conference. Whether you are an international visitor exploring opportunities in the Dutch market, a local entrepreneur with ambitions for international expansion, or simply captivated by the intersection of business and cybersecurity, this event is tailor-made for you. Explore informative stands providing insights into both the Dutch and international markets, and experience engaging discussions, delicious refreshments, culinary delights, interactive activities and ample networking opportunities in a lively atmosphere.



Leonardo Royal Hotel Den Haag Promenade

Van Stolkweg 1

2585 JL Den Haag

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