3D printing, the basics 19:30

3D printing, the basics 19:30

Instructors: Pieter de Lange & Mischa Moritz

3D printing is making increasing headway in our society. It might only really be in its infancy, but it is nevertheless the future. The technological momentum we find ourselves in enables us to do things we thought impossible decades ago. 

Like you, we are interested in this innovative technology that makes it possible to create freely. 

A mutual friend of ours informed us he was making a 3D printer in his student room. We soon paid him a visit to have a close look at this prototype, which would later become the prototype of the Creatr from Leapfrog, the company of which he is the co-founder.

In order to contribute towards making 3D printing more accessible, we print models for a number of companies and students who lack the resources or knowledge to buy a printer themselves or to operate one. 

Pieter de Lange 

Degree programme: Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering

"When looking for an internship, I quickly came into contact with Leapfrog, where I could begin almost immediately on an interesting project. I continued to be involved with Leapfrog after my internship in the form of a part-time job. As a mechanical engineering student, I like to get my hands on a tangible model of a product that I have designed as quickly as possible. I believe that printing in 3D is the future of our society. In addition to the applications in the field of technology, there are also numerous applications in other fields such as the medical, food and arts sectors. Widespread experiments are already being carried out, for example, into the printing of prostheses and even organs within the medical sector. And many artists are also starting to adopt certain 3D-printing methods. In short, the possibilities are endless."


Mischa Moritz

Degree programme: Bachelor's in Architecture and the Built Environment, Master's in Architecture, Master's in Real Estate & Housing

"As a student of architecture and the built environment, this is the way to get a better picture of your product. I am also able to save a great deal of time through 3D printing. Nowadays everything is drawn with the computer and is therefore in the form of a model. With a simple click of a button, this model can be printed out while I get on with other things. The possibilities of printing are truly limitless. I am convinced that within a few years no household can do without a 3D printer. Leapfrog jumped in at the right time with an affordable printer. It is a young innovative company, where I was able to start quickly as a part-time employee. This gave me the opportunity to combine my studies, hobbies and work."

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