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Kickoff Dutch Cleantech Challenge


The organization of the Dutch Cleantech Challenge is an initiative of the TU Delft student entrepreneurship body YES!Delft Students, the Erasmus University of Rotterdam Financial Study Assosciation and the TU Delft Energy Club. Together they have formed a separate team of seven students who are responsible for the organization of the Dutch Cleantech Challenge.

Board of the Dutch Cleantech Challenge 2013

Sarina Stevens - sarina@cleantechchallenge.nl
Kim Terlouw - kim@cleantechchallenge.nl
Gijs Romer - gijs@cleantechchallenge.nl
Tim Geuns - tim@cleantechchallenge.nl
Pim Tammes - pim@cleantechchallenge.nl
Reinoud Hoes - reinoud@cleantechchallenge.nl
Floor van Schaik - floor@cleantechchallenge.nl

YES!Delft Students
Ide Swager

Taco Smit

Delft Energy Club
Elianne de Regt

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