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Interactive design - The past, the present and the future
by Alessandro Segatta / Ashley Fisher
Interactive design has helped shape the world we live in today, In this workshop you will learn the importance of simplicity and learn how human interaction is the key in designing the right content for the right people.

Who is Alessandro? Hello, I’m Alessandro Segatta, 26y, interactive & graphic designer. Passionate about creating thoughtful, beautiful and clean interactive experiences for the web, apps and print. Working for over 5 years at HeadOffice BE.

Who is Ashley? Hello, I’m Ashley!
I have been a Digital Creative Designer for the past 19 years working in 3D, Web, Video and TV. I am here to share my secrets and visions for the future with you ;)

Wireframes, a limitation to the designer?
by Annemie Eyckerman
Many designers know the feeling when you work with wireframes for the first time. You feel limited in your work as a designer. Everything is planned ahead, what needs to go where. But is that really true? Aren’t wireframes meant to help designers instead of inhibiting them? Shouldn’t they be a well thought through blueprint of the sites functionalities and structure? In this workshop we will start from an existing case and take a look how wireframes and design can be a perfect match.

Who is Annemie Eyckerman? Studied at Sint-Lukas Brussel, Grafic design. Worked for 7 years at LUON, Content marketing agency as graphic designer. Now since 1,5 years at Headoffice België. My experience is mainly on online:
- website design, one pagers, online magazines (app), apps, e-mails, promotions, ….
- from wireframes for a website / onepager / promo , … to online optimized designs.
- build simple wireframes via Axure
- html (from design to e-mail to html)

How to make your online content actionable and rank your website in Google at the same time? by Joris Roebben (Bakermen)

SEO and copy writing, not best friends at first sight... But when you look closer you'll see they actually are made for each other. In this session you will discover how online copy should be structured if you want people to take action on your website. And you will see how you can get Google to love your content/website.
What you will miss if you do not attend? The knowledge to wow your readers, get better rankings and make more money online.

Who is Joris Roebben? Chief Executive Geek and co-founder @bakerMEN \ Online Marketing dude \ Music & Duvel Lover \ Entrepreneur \ Dad of 3 \ Master Procrastinator \ Antwerp – more info:

How to see (and navigate) the trees through the forest in the Social Media Jungle
by Saskia van ‘t Hoff/Caroline Hombroukx

Call us Bear Grylls and let us take you on a journey through the Amazon jungle of social media. We will be providing you a hands-on survival guide full of tips & tricks to not get lost and leave your marks, without getting eaten by wolves along the way. Who will make it out alive: Holland, Belgium, Finland…or Brasil?

Who is Saskia van ‘t Hoff? (Head Office Nederland)
Saskia van ’t Hoff is Conversation Manager with Head Office NL. With almost ten years experience in all corners of the digital business field and a (un-)healthy addiction to everything that is social media, she now uses that recipe to advise Head Office NL’s clients about the role and integration of social media in their overall marketing strategies. As Conversation Manager she spends every day, the whole day monitoring user behavior, developments and trends, talking to clients and/or consumers via web-channels and how to not, but more importantly, do use social media. With a passion for technique.

Who is Caroline Hombroukx? (HO Belgium)
First name: Caroline. Second name: Miss Social.
She eats Facebook for breakfast, Twitter for lunch. How Caroline explains her jobtitle “Conversation Manager? “I get payed to ‘do something’ on Facebook”. That’s the easy explanation. But actually, she’s monitoring, answering, following and engaging fans all day, every day for all the brands in the Head Office portfolio. She creates a dozen content calendars and social media reports on a monthly basis, makes strategic analysis every six months and tries to be “on top of things” in the meantime.

Customer Journey
by Michael Bottenheft
If marketing has one goal, it’s to reach consumers at the moments, or touchpoints, that most influence their decisions. For years, touch points have been understood through the metaphor of a “funnel”—consumers start with a number of potential brands in mind, marketing is then directed at them as they methodically reduce that number and move through the funnel to end up with one brand. But today, the funnel concept fails to capture all touch points and key buying factors resulting from the explosion digital channels, coupled with the emergence of an increasingly well-informed consumer. A more sophisticated approach is required to help marketers navigate this environment.

Who is Michael?
Michael works as Strategist at Head Office NL. Studied Commercial Economics, bachelor and Master in Marketing Strategy (NIMA-C). He is passionate about connecting brands with today’s consumers.

Let’s manage your project!
by Gwenda van Lievenoogen
The job of a manager is not at all related to personal achievement. It’s about helping others to complete their tasks. What experience and management techniques should you have? How to train and lead team as a project manager and what are the behavioral factors affecting rational decision for the project manager?
Communication management includes developing corporate communication strategies, making internal and external directives and keeping a check on the flow of information. People have no time to wait for a project. Today everybody wants work to be delivered faster. Which is the right methodology, and what is a good project and planning tool suitable for YOUR organization?

Hi, I’m somebody... who wants to know how you are and what I can do for you to help you. But if you insist on knowing me I’ll give you some keywords and pictures what defines ‘me’; social, mom, salsa dancer, creative, advertising & designer education, online tools and technologies, content & communication throughout social media.
Let’s manage your project!

What is a good magazine (in the digital era)?

by Rupert van Woerkom, Liesbeth Van Cauwenbergh, Riemer Van den Bergh
Some say that the reader's experience of print and online is totally different. But is that really so? Why then does the homepage of The Verge look like a magazine cover? Can online learn from magazine techniques? You bet it can!

Who are Rupert, Riemer and Liesbeth? They have been in the magazine business for decades, both consumer and customer magazines. They like to dwell in magazine stores, just for the smell of all that beautifully exploited paper. But they are also drawn to the pulsing ‘nowness’ of online and social. Don not miss this opportunity to learn from our very own magazine all stars!!

Mercedes-Benz: how to organize/run an international magazine
by Luc Vranken/Erik-Jan Sanders

Head Office NL successfully produces ten different Mercedes-Benz magazines, for nine different European countries. We use the same core elements, however, every importer in these countries enjoys his own, glossy, national Mercedes-Benz magazine. If you want to learn about efficient segmentation, come, listen and watch.

Who is Erik-Jan Sanders? After his study in sales and marketing and being responsible for truck sales in West-Africa, Erik-Jan Sanders (1973) started at Head Office NL as account manager on sales, selling ads for the magazines and setting up a salesrep network for Head Office in Europe. He then switched to Account Director and, among other clients, is responsible for the most important Head Office account, that of Daimler AG in Stuttgart.

Who is Luc Vranken? (HO NL) Luc Vranken (1965) used to work at the public magazines-department of Sanoma at the multimedia automotive title AutoWeek as deputy editor-in-chief. He then decided it was time for a change and discovered content marketing. He is the Content Director for the editorial part of the international Mercedes-Benz project.

Conversion aimed writing

by Tonie van Ringelestein, De Redactie
How do you get and keep the attention of the new generation of readers that are used to reading from screens? These are the 'multitaskers' and those with short attention spans. Essential is the headline. Write one that makes them curious, that triggers certain emotions. A headline that will make people want to click on it. They just can't resist it if they see it. On your homepage, in your e-mail newsletters and especially on social media. Once you've done that, you can tell your story and try getting them more involved.
It's not as easy as it sounds. What makes a good headline effective? What other elements in your text and imagery are crucial to grabbing and keeping your audience's attention? Tips and tricks, from a guy who has been in the trenches of online writing for the past 15 years.
If you miss my session, you won't write headlines as effective as you could be doing.

Who is Tonie van Ringelestijn? For the past 15 years, journalist Tonie van Ringelestijn (1979) has been writing about technology and media for websites, newspapers, magazines and press agencies. He gives courses in online writing. Tonie is currently working for, Wegener-newspapers, and, among others. Earlier in his carrier, he also made a national radio show and appeared on national tv talking about the internet and gadgets. He also started one of the first weblogs in the Netherlands.

Finnair case (HO Finland)
by Tanja Piipponen
Sanoma Finland’s success case is the inflight magazine Blue Wings (print and tablet). Blue Wings offers the best inflight company for air travellers, entertaining and inspiring readers both international and Finnish. New takes on destinations worldwide, novel trends on design, food and wine and fascinating people create a pleasurable reading experience, which engages readers for longer periods. Blue Wings features travel daydreams in a way that is sure to address its target group. Available only in English, Blue Wings is an attractive media also for international advertisers.
Who is Tanja Piipponen?

Inside the client’s mind (and heart)
by De Marketing Mentor

Do you sometimes think: without clients this would be a great job? Doing your work, great work, without being hassled by clients who want this or demand that? A client can be such a nuisance! Hello. It’s me. I am your client. Maybe it’s time I drop by for a talk. Some quality time where we can tell each other straight and honestly what we think. Without consequences, no hard feelings afterwards.
See you on March 31!

Who is De Marketing Mentor? Frank During is a marketing professional with more than 20 years of relevant international experience. Important agency client @ among others Reckitt Benckiser (Calgonit/Finish), Perfetti Van Melle (Mentos), ABN AMRO and Fortis. Since a few years entrepreneur (, thus serving important clients himself in FMCG, media, finance, pharma, retail, government and NGO, from family businesses to multinationals. High marketing IQ meets a high EQ. Besides being a passionate marketer he can be best described as explorer, musician (he plays saxophone in several bands), foodie and flashpacker. My mission in life: to make people dance. More info:

Reinventing the Wheel - Behind the Scenes of BNP's Content Strategy
by Frank Delmelle and Joel De Mesmaecker

Banks don't like diminishing returns. That's why Belgium's biggest bank turned to sQills for their content marketing strategy. sQills co-developed an algorithm - the Content Wheel - to determine if a content marketing initiative is strategically relevant. Across the bank's departments, this tool is enabling marketing teams to plot relevant initiatives onto content eco-systems - strategically consistent funnels for each of their subsegments - resulting in more relevant content, increased cost-efficiency and ditto marketing ROI.

Who is Frank Delmelle? @FrankDelmelle is Sanoma Content Marketing Belgium's Creative Strategist, servicing sQills, Head Office, KungFu and Sanoma's Content Marketing Center of Excellence.

Who is Joel De Mesmaecker?

A beginners guide to perfect email marketing
by Dennis Perremans
I will give you a brief introduction to the perfect email. In this course we focus on the do's and dont's of email marketing.
Things like the 5/30 rule, less is more and why personalized emails are effective will make more sense. With a few simple tips, you can increase the click-to-open rate drastically and avoid that it ends up in the SPAM folder.

Who is Dennis? My name is Dennis Perremans, 25 years old. I'm a front-end web developer. When I'm not behind my computer, I'm jamming on my guitar with friends.

An introduction to the wonderfull world wide web
by Wart Claes
Get a look at the 'other' side of the sites you usually see and learn how they were built. HTML, CSS and a little bit of JavaScript will reveal a part of their mystery. If you want to learn the basics of website coding, join the road to a better online world. Get to understand the possibilities (and limits) of websites.

Who is Wart? 25 years old, front-end developer, gamer, web guy. Besides the geek-ness I like to play a bit of frisbee and badminton.

Optimize your website for mobile devices/ Usability basics @ Sanoma
by Annegien Bruins Slot
Is your website usable on devices smaller than your laptop? Is it necessary to put effort in optimizing for mobile devices? This presentation focuses on the 'why' of optimization and gives practical tips for how to make sure that your website is easy to use on mobile phones, tablets and everything in between.
An introduction of how usability research is done at Sanoma, the tools that we use and some practical cases.

Who is Annegien?
Annegien is part of the Usability Team at Sanoma Digital. The team services many of the Sanoma websites and apps with help of several (online) tools and their own eyetracking lab. Annegien studied Industrial Design at the Eindhoven University of Technology and combines her education with her love for the internet and everything digital in her job at Sanoma.

The session co-creation
by Kirsten Jassies
Good and shareable content expensive? Not if you invest in co-creation and work together with the right people who have large followings on blogs and social channels to help you with content-creation. In this session we will talk about funding the right co-creators that are social influencers.

Who is Kirsten Jassies? (Sanoma, The Netherlands)
Kirsten is productmanager bloggers & social at the department of social publishing & communities of Sanoma. She is the founder of the influencersnetwork Blogtoday, where she connects social influencers, Sanoma brands and advertisers. Her expertises are blogging, social media and visual content.

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