1•2•LAUNCH is a startup event organized by YES!Delft. The event is especially designed to give startups a boost in just two days. The next event is organized on Friday June 27 and Thursday July 3, 2014.

During the event participants will create a tech startup within 48 hours. Entrepreneurs, coaches and investors provide guidance and monitor the results.

1•2•LAUNCH provides you with entrepreneurial skills in an extreme hands-on environment. The event revolves around learning-by-doing. Get out of the building and test your business idea to the limit!

1•2•LAUNCH Startup Event is the perfect event to share ideas, form teams, build products and launch startups. The event brings together professionals from various backgrounds including science, business, engineering and design.

If you are entrepreneurial-minded, have a great idea for a technologically based venture and (or) have a great set of skills, make sure to be there!

General Information
Date: Friday June 27 & Thursday July 3, 2014
Registration: May 12 - June 20
Costs: Tickets € 99 / € 199,-*
Tickets include food and drinks
Participants: 50

For more information contact Raffi Balder via raffi@yesdelft.nl or 06 186 44 789.

  • Tickets cost € 199,- for private persons, employees of TU Delft, Gemeente Delft, partners of YES!Delft, KIVI members and participants from the YES!Delft eco-system. An extra discount of € 100,- applies for employees of TNO, please contact Jong TNO. For other participants the fee is € 599,-. Please contact Raffi Balder of YES!Delft if you would like to learn more.
conference registration
 conference registration