Dear Sir/Madam,

Water & Delta technology is throughout the world associated with research, education and entrepreneurship at the TU Delft. It therefore cannot be a big surprise that water-related topics are studied at almost all faculties. The innovation potential of this research, and possibilities of bringing it to market with entrepreneurship is immense!

We would like to invite all water & delta technology related researchers, who share the passion for water together, for a lunch session (12.00-13.30) on 30th June. Topic of this lunch session is to inspire you to go further with the innovations from your research and provide you with information and support on how this can be done.

For instance, you will learn how your project can be supported by DIG-it!, which provides support to translate your ideas to a prototype or visualisation, or by VP Delta, a programme supporting innovation and entrepreneurship in the water & delta-technology domain. Furthermore we will present cases of innovative ideas (often started from research), which have been brought to market in the past. And finally we will present different opportunities for grants and others instruments to enhance your research further.

In short, the programme is as follows:
12.00 Walk in lunch (free)
12:30 Start presentations
12.30 DIG-it! illuminate your innovative ideas
12.40 Valorisation Programma Deltatechnology (VPDelta)
12.50 Cases of start-ups or spin-offs that originated from water research
13.15 Grants and other opportunities for financial support
13.30 Discussion / Network opportunities

This is an open session; feel free to walk in at any time. However, to have some indication of how many of you will be joining please register by following this link: [link]

Please forward this email to all your colleagues who are also working on water related research projects and who might be interested.

We hope to meet many of you at 30 June at 12:00 in the Blue Room of the TU Delft Library

With best regards on behalf of DIG-it! & VP Delta,

Susanne Sleenhoff, Lianne Sleebos & Edward Gilding

symposium registration
 symposium registration