Taking the Lead with Computational Speed

Trends in the use of High Performance Computing for engineering

This afternoon seminar offers a broad view on the application of computational models in Dutch business. The focus is on models that are so large and complex that they require special computer platforms and techniques to run: the field of High Performance Computing (HPC).


  • The use of computational models in industry, finance and research.
  • The current changes in available platforms for high performance computing.

These aspects will be discussed in six sessions with sufficient room for interaction and networking, see the program.

For you?

The seminar is intended for:

  • HPC managers: ICT managers and project leaders,
  • HPC users: application engineers in engineering departments,
  • Managers/directors that have to deal with time constraints on computations,
  • Researchers confronted with excessive run times of their models.

The discussion will be interesting for high-tech industries, engineering firms, investment & risk-analysis consultants, research laboratories and SMEs.

Register now

The seminar is free but the number of seats is limited to 100. Register now to make sure that you can attend.

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