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Workshop E&Y: Valuation and negotiation

Valuation and negotiation

Insights in valuation  and negotiation tactics with venture capitalists and informal investors


As a high tech start-up company of YES!Delft, there will be a certain moment when you need more capital. Maybe to start or continue product development or to increase working capital to expand your business. Capital can be raised by issuing shares. Attention items are:

-          If new shareholders will join, what stake can or will we offer them?

-          What’s the value of my company?

-          What are realistic valuation-models;

-          How to negotiate with an investor?

-          A venture capitalist in your company: how to deal with the consequences after the closing? The do’s and don’ts.

On December 2, 2014 EY Accountants will organize this workshop from 15.30 until 17.30 PM and will give an insight into how to approach and deal with venture capitalists and informal investors.  Wil Flikweert and Herbert von Meijenfeldt, both highly committed to high-tech startups and with robust experiences with VC’s, will give you an insight into the world of valuation and negotiation. After the workshop has finished, drinks will be available

voorbeeld uitnodiging event
 voorbeeld uitnodiging event