TETA is not training. It is a guided exploration of one's inner-self with benefits that carry over not just to the business world but to one's personal life as well.  An invaluable experience for managers and executives . Our top-down process, which began with the Executive Management team and is now continuing with all managers at the 2nd and 3rd levels, has been widely embraced and appreciated, and is providing great support for the realization of our ultimate objective of becoming a transformational leadership company.

BMW Financial Services, Italy
John C., President 



It has been a unique experience for me to search during a management seminar for personal reasons that keeping me away from further development. The experimental character of the TETA training significantly helped me to become much more aware of my mindset and my behavior. That was not only useful for my work but also extraordinary interesting for me personal!

Shell International BV, The Netherlands
Liesbeth W., Project Manager Creative Services 



Techniques in teaching leadership, innovation and change of IAK trainers are superb. IAK facilitators are experts at understand the complexities of corporate culture and the personalities which drive, and at times, hamper the ultimate success of a business or academic enterprise. Spending a training session with an IAK team is well worth the effort and energy. The result personally and professionally will be productive, long-lasting and memorable. I recommend the investment.

STANFORD UNIVERSITY, United States of America
Joel Franklin, Professor of Law, Monterey College of Law