New Trends Rotterdam-RBS

18.20– 20:00 hrs


WORKSHOP 1:  Is your company ready for the Circular Age?

  • Renault, Accenture, Unilever and Heineken: Game-changers in international business who are currently switching from linear to circular business models because they know that being ready for the Circular Age may greatly contribute to the durable competiveness of their company.
  • In a circular business model, radically new production methods are introduced in order to minimise the use of natural resources. This means, on the one hand, a more intensive supply chain cooperation and more innovation, and on the other hand, less waste and a significantly lower dependence on raw materials. As a consequence, production costs can be controlled much better, thus contributing to sustainable forms of profitability.
  • Circular business involves both producers and consumers by systematically replacing ‘owners’ by ‘users’. Sharing products and services is cheaper and more valuable than simply consuming them and in the long term, more sustainable.
  • The Circular Economy team consists of four research lecturers with a diverse educational and research background: Dea Knol, Rengenier Rittersma, Cor van Leeuwen, Henk van der Berg and Peter Anker.
  • The upcoming Circular Age will have an enormous impact on future business. If you want to hear some best practices and quick wins or if you want to know how to find investors for the transition of your company, please attend our workshop!

    WORKSHOP 2: Business solutions with ethics, responsibility and innovation (BERI)
  • This group carries out research in the field of Innovation and Business Ethics related to Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability, offering innovative solutions and assuring sustainability of your business. The group collaborates with Knowledge Center for Entrepreneurship & Business Innovation of the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences and successfully partners with various Dutch and International academic and business institutions.
  • We help you get the most out of CSR by creating tailor-made solutions for your business. Our network of international partners ensures that we stay in touch with the latest developments in the field and our research outputs validate our approach.
  • The BERI team consist of four research lecturers: Marko Korac, Andrew Lin and Saulius Buivyes.
  • Whether your business is an MNE or SME, there will be something of value for you here.

WORKSHOP 3:  Introducing Intercultural Education Development

  • The Intercultural Education Development team (IED) conducts applied research on how companies can leverage the cultural diversity and intercultural competences in their workforce as a competitive advantage; and how entrepreneurs can foster these in growing firms.
  • The outcome of our research projects are used to develop tailor-made training programmes for business professionals and businesses.
  • The IED team consists of four research lecturers with a diverse educational and research background: Cheryl Gerretsen, Jessica Shinnick, Koen van der Kooy and Christophe Van Puymbroeck.
  • This workshop will bring you the latest research findings on benefits and challenges related to cultural diversity in teams and how companies can optimize multicultural team performance by using diversity as a competitive advantage. The presentation of findings will be followed by a discussion with workshop participants to explore how the findings could apply to your context.


Workshop 4:  Does your firm have the management capabilities you need to achieve your growth and innovation targets?

  • Growth and innovation is top of the agenda for most Dutch SME’s, yet not every company will meet their targets.   Building management capabilities is known to be a key factor in achieving these.
  • This research group focuses on understanding and developing management capabilities in SME's in knowledge sharing, leadership, communication and performance measurement.
  • The two researchers, Maura Walsh and Biljana Pesalj, combine almost thirty years of business and management practice and research. 
  • They will present findings from two recent Dutch case studies: one on firm communication and one on performance measurement, with opportunities for questions and brief discussion.