Graphical abstract template: Graphical abstract guidelines.doc(click to download)

Abstract template: Abstract guidelines.doc (click to download 此处可下载论文摘要格式指导) 

Full paper template: Instructions.doc (click to download 此处可下载论文全文格式指导)

Please note that (下列事项提请注意):
•    the full paper has to be submitted via the  website; (会议论文全文要通过会议网站提交)
•    the full paper must follow the prescribed template which can be downloaded from the  website;(会议论文全文要严格按照会议要求的标准格式书写)
•    for the accepted paper to be published in the CEW2016 Proceedings, the presenting author must have registered;(会议收录的论文将在会议论文集中发表,宣读论文的嘉宾必须要在会议注册)
•    per registration, a maximum of two presentations can be made. (一个注册嘉宾只允许最多宣读两篇论文)。


invitee registration
 invitee registration