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Winter School on Quantitative Analysis of Medical Images

Noordwijk, The Netherlands, February 24-26, 2016

In a three-day-programme, six lecture teams of renowned scientists give introductory and in-depth lectures on the following topics:

In vivo optical imaging e.g. by optical coherence tomography and hyperspectral imaging
coordinated by Johannes de Boer (VU University Amsterdam)

Positron emission tomography and tracer kinetic modelling
coordinated by Adriaan Lammertsma (VU University Medical Center)

MRI how does it work and why is it useful in the clinic?
coordinated by Aart Nederveen (Academic Medical Center)

Extracting quantitative information from EEG and MEG
by Jan de Munck (VU University Medical Center)

Imaging and treatment planning with CT in radiotherapy
coordinated by Uulke vd Heide (Netherlands Cancer Institute)

A poster session and a social evening are scheduled to foster discussions and to encourage collaboration.

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