Value-proposition STW research proposal

Implementation of Adaptive Delta Plans


We offer international consultants and NGO’s active in delta management the opportunity to participate in a prominent TU Delft initiated research program. The research aims to improve the capacity of the international delta sector to deal with uncertainties in the implementation of Adaptive Delta Plans.  TU Delft currently develops the proposal under the STW perspective research facility. Proposal development is supported by TUD professors Frans Klijn (Technology Policy and Management), Han Meyer (Architecture) and Bas Jonkman (Hydraulic Engineering). It includes prominent researchers from TUD, Deltares, WUR and VU that have developed close collaborations with The Rand Corporation, the World Bank and the Society for Decision Making under Deep Uncertainty.


What are we looking for?

For this research proposal TUD is soliciting the active participation of high-potential junior professionals from international delta areas worldwide. Prospective candidates are currently employed by international consultants or NGO’s as project engineers, project leaders or business developers on local contracts, hold an MSc degree in a discipline relevant for delta management, have good command of English and a national language, avail of an active network with governmental and non-governmental organisations in the regional delta sector and preferably have some prior experience in international cooperation. They will develop and implement advisory and research projects in close collaboration with our PhD candidates and join an international team of researchers and professionals in delta management. We specifically look for candidates employed with international consultants and NGO’s aiming for long term involvement in delta management in specific countries.

What we offer!

We offer these candidates a part time (50%) position as knowledge broker with Delft University within the STW Implementation of Adaptive Delta Management Plans programme, in case the proposal is granted. For the other 50% of their working hours candidates should be active in the regional delta sector as employee with an international consultant or NGO in delta management. The cash flow for such a project will unfold as follows (amounts are indicative):

  • matching partner transfers €12.500, - per year to STW
  • STW transfers €35.000 per yr. to TU Delft
  • Matching partners hires staff member to TU Delft for 0,5 staff position at €35.000 per yr.
  • TU Delft transfers the contract amount of €35.000 per yr. to matching partner.

For the complementary in-kind contribution at an indicative level of €10.000 per yr., staff of the matching partners are required to keep an administration of their working hours attributed to the project. This matching in kind will be capitalized at a rate of €76, - per hr. for junior and €106 per hr. for senior professionals.

In addition, the project will make budget available for yearly meetings between scientific researchers and knowledge brokers/consultants on a program basis and reserve budget for travel and logistic cost to support cooperation on a project basis.

We are convinced that this is a financially attractive proposition which will bring valuable additional benefits to our matching partners and local staff:

  • Contributions of PhD’s researchers in ongoing projects
  • Staff development
  • Further strengthening of network both with science and clients
  • 50% financial coverage of professional staff at the start of the project
  • Access to state-of-art knowledge
  • The right and experience to use the tools and approaches developed.
  • Protection of IP rights formalized under the program consortium agreement
  • Cooperation with established scientists


How to participate?

To show your interest or for further information, contact or subscribe to our match-making event.

We are currently in the pre-proposal stage that requires intentions to participate and contribute in cash or kind to the project only. Formalisation of both cash and kind contribution and IP regulations will take place in the final proposal stage after pre-proposal evaluation by STW. The full proposal will be developed in collaboration with our partners and is due May 30th, 2016.



Frans Klijn and Jos Timmermans


TU Delft, faculty of Policy, Technology and Management

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