Our speakers

Bart van Bolhuis |Welcome 20 & 21 April

Since September 2013 Bart is Director for International Affairs at the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment. Bart has been  involved in the creation of the European Market and the Economic and Monetary Union, in assisting new member states in Eastern Europe to adapt to EU requirements, in positioning Dutch business in these developing markets and  in leading the successful introduction of the Euro currency in the Netherlands. 


Thomas Rau |Key note 20 April

Thomas Rau is the owner of RAU Architecture. He is an international authority on One Planet Architecture and leading exponent of circular buildings. For years Rau has contributed to national and international discussions about sustainability. He is promoting the use of renewable energy in the built environment and seeks to address the increasing worldwide resource scarcity.

In 2015 Thomas Rau is nominated for the Fortune Award for Circular Economy Leadership by the World Economic Forum. In 2016 Thomas Rau is referred to as one of the three most influential architects in The Netherlands bij national newspapers.



Paul Hohnen | lead moderator 

An Associate Fellow of London’s Royal Institute for International Affairs think tank, Chatham House, Paul Hohnen is an independent consultant who has provided advice to a range of UN, business, government and non-profit clients on global sustainable development and corporate social responsibility trends and response strategies since 2001. A former diplomat, he has moderated high level leading-edge international multi-stakeholder sustainability events for UNEP, UNIDO, UNICEF, as well as for EU governments and the private sector.  


Cecile van Oppen | Copper8 | lead moderator

Cécile is co-founder of Copper8, a consulting firm specialized in creating and accelerating sustainable breakthroughs through collaboration and business model innovation. She has initiated circular projects in several manufacturing related industries such as household appliances as well as solar panels. Copper8 is known for their expertise in the field of circular procurement; having run European tenders in furniture, electronics and construction industries (most notably the tender for Liander Duiven). Cécile holds a double BA from LaSalle University (PA, USA) and a Master’s degree from the LSE (London, UK); and is co-author of the book ‘Circular Business: Collaborate and Circulate’.


Philipp Tepper | ICLEI | Examples of Leadership

Philipp Tepper works a Coordinator in ICLEI's Sustainable Economy and Procurement team. He has over ten years experience on international projects on Green and Sustainable Public Procurement. Since 2008 he is the Procura+ Network Manager (www.procuraplus.org) and co-ordinates various projects such as the GPP 2020 project on procurement for a low carbon economy (www.gpp2020.eu), the Update of the EC Buying Green Handbook (released April 2016) and ICLEI’s contribution to the United Nations 10 Years Framework Programme on SPP. His professional background includes experiences of more than twelve years in capacity building and research in international consultancy work using participative methodologies and innovative approaches. 


Cuno van Geet | Rijkswaterstaat | Examples of Leadership

Cuno is a senior policy expert on sustainable procurement and the Circular Economy at Rijkswaterstaat and also on behalf of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment on EU and UN expert groups. He has worked international development, sustainability, energy and innovation policies at local and national governmental organizations and as a consultant in UN and EU-projects.His main driver is strengthening collaboration between practice, policy and people to drive change in procurement practices.This congress is one example in which EU, UN and national projects can work together lead the next steps in policy to enable delivery of more circular economies.


Joan Prummel | RVO | Examples of Leadership

I initiate pilots with Circular Procurement to reduce the waste of resources. Public procurers have a key role in making arrangements about the use of products (or their components or the materials the products are made of) after usage. In this way we contribute to the acceleration and development of the Circular Economy in The Netherlands. 


Mervyn Jones | Sustainable Global Resources|   CP Orientation

Mervyn has been working in climate change and sustainability for 35 years, the last 12 in resource efficiency and closing product and material loops including using sustainable public procurement as a key driver. Most recently Mervyn has been working with UNEP and the Dutch Government on developing Circular Procurement and Product Service Systems as mechanisms for delivering more circular economies. He previously worked at the UK Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP) for 10 years across a variety of delivery programmes on behalf of UK Governments. He now works independently through his own company, Sustainable Global Resources.


Bettina Schaefer| Ecoinstitut SCCL|   CP Implementation

Since 1999 Partner at Ecoinstitut SCCL, a pioneer organisation in Spain in the promotion, application and development of Sustainable Public Procurement (SPP) at local, national and international level, giving assistance in implementation to the Barcelona City Council, the Catalan and the Basque Government and many others. Partners of SPP Next and ICLEI's Procura+ Network. Actually working on the "2016 Global Review of Sustainable Public Procurement" for the 10YFP SPP programme’s Coordination Desk and the EU Projects GPP2020 and SPP Regions.


Greg Lucas| WRAP|   CP Implementation

Greg works with both large and small organisations to develop the business case for trialling circular business models. Greg has worked with organisations across the clothing and EEE sectors through the Life+ funded Resource Efficient Business Models (REBus) initiative with Rijkswaterstaat and other partners.  His focus is to demonstrate that circular approaches can achieve greater value for products, the organisations and the consumer. As part of his role, Greg worked closely with Argos to develop their Gadget Trade-in business model.  He also works, particularly with major retailers and brands, on WRAP’s Electrical Sustainability Action Plan (esap) to improve the business efficiency and sustainability of electrical and electronic products.


Rodrigo Lozano| University of Utrecht | CP Policy Procurement, empowering the circular economy ​

Rodrigo is Editor-in-Chief for the Journal of Cleaner Production and Assistant Professor at the Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development, Utrecht University. For more than fifteen years Rodrigo has been working towards Sustainability in NGO's, universities, and corporations. His projects have ranged from chemical leasing, indoor-air quality and energy efficiency, to sustainability assessment and reporting, and to organisational change management. He has developed several assessment tools such as the GRaphical Assessment of Sustainability Performance (GRASP). 


Sjors Witjes| University of Utrecht | CP Policy Procurement, empowering the circular economy ​

Sjors has been part of Corporate Sustainability integration processes in companies in Europe, the US and Latin America and has supported the United Nations, governments and standardisation organisations on framing Corporate Sustainability. In his academic work Sjors has been developing frameworks for an improved understanding of integrating Corporate Sustainability into business models.


Douwe Jan Joustra | ICE-Amsterdam | CP Policy Procurement, empowering the circular economy ​

Douwe Jan Joustra is director/owner of Implement Circular Economy Amsterdam (ICE-Amsterdam). Within the Circular Economy ICE realizes visions, inspiration, implementation and innovation on circular business- and policy development. 
Joustra was program coordinator Cradle to Cradle within Dutch government during the period 2007-2010. He also was programmanager of the Innovation program Climateneutral Cities (2010). In the Netherlands he is an expert on Circular Economy in business and the performance of governments in enhancing (local) based circular economy initiatives. 


Ineke Vlot | SMK | Moderator sector IT & Catering

Ineke Vlot manages SMK´s activities as Competent Body of the EU Ecolabel of the European Commission and the national Milieukeur non-food. She is Vice President of the EU Ecolabelling Board. Since 2007 she chaired many Sustainable Public Procurement stakeholder meetings in The Netherlands. She also participates in the Green Public Procurement network of the European Commission. 


Judith Voermans| Canon | Sector IT 

As the Sustainability Officer, Judith Voermans is responsible for the coordination of all sustainability activities for Canon Netherlands, covering both environmental and societal projects. She is also actively involved in the Circular Economy project group run from Canon Europe. Circularity is a major focus area for Canon’s Environmental Policy and already has an extensive record of circular economy related initiatives with an ambition to expand even further. For example, Canon has been remanufacturing their machines for 30 years and recycling toner cartridges since the early 90’s. Canon aims to encourage and promote best practice for their customer’s procurement by offering more circular services and solutions.


Tessa de Haas | RVO | Moderator sector Construction

Tessa de Haas is working by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland). This organisation encourages entrepreneurs in sustainable, agrarian, innovative and international business. As a program manager I encourage and arrange activities so that people in their organisation are able to make steps with their sustainable ambitions.  Since 2003 she works in the sustainable procurement programme and nowadays also involved in several Green Deals in the construction en infrastructure sector: Circular Buildings (Circulaire Gebouwen), Cirkelstad en Sustainable Infrastructure (Duurzaam GWW).


Cas van Arendonk | Kirkman Company | Moderator sector Construction

In 2000 Cas van Arendonk co-founded consultancy firm Kirkman Company with Han Hendriks and Ivar Davids. A dynamic and positive consultant Cas guides organisations towards becoming social enterprises in an entrepreneurial way. He has a passion for circular economy in general and is specialised in circular procurement. In 2014 Cas was co-founder of the Green Deal Circular Procurement. Cas is also involved in numerous other initiatives such as We Beat The Mountain, Grayse, Aimforthemoon and Next to Company. These organisations all share the same vision: creating a better world.



Take Padding | PIANOo| Moderator sector Furniture

Take Padding works for PIANOo, the procurement expertise centre of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, as a senior consultant sustainable public procurement. He has been involved in the sustainable procurement programme since 2007 and one of the founders of the Dutch Green Deal Circular Procurement.


Sabine van der Leij | Rijkswaterstaat| Sector Furniture

As a category manager, my responsibility is to create the vision and strategy for the purchase, reuse and disposal of two separate categories: furniture and office supplies. My field of work covers the complete Dutch government. I compose the strategy for both categories in cooperation with the five main corporate facility services within the Dutch national government. One of my objectives is to obtain support for the strategy among the various interdepartmental committees and the participants of the category. Another part of my job covers my role as project manager for innovative and sustainable projects. 


Didier Pierre | PMC/NNOF| Sector Furniture

Didier Pierre is president of PMC, the holding company of Your Mover Vandergoten, Your Mover Logistics D & C Services and NNOF.
From its core business, he develops since 2010 the unique circular NNOF concept. Nearly New Office Facilities recovers non-standardized materials and transforms them into ethical, smart, aesthetically and financially attractive solutions. A creative recycling process whereby the original function disappears of the office furniture and the still usable components are used for a new piece of furniture or decor element.


Katja Nelissen | ProRail | Table host Furniture

Katja Nelissen is a Facilities grown up with many years of experience in large office companies. She has the intrinsic motivation to encourage the market for the change to a circulair economy. She does so by making little steps to big thinking. Katja is now working as a Manager of Staf of the Facilities department from ProRail and she takes part in the FMN Expert group Circulair economy. Her goal is to activate the Facilities management suppliers in circulair innovation.


Michel Schuurman| MVO Nederland | Moderator Financing the CE / Speaker Orientation

Michel Schuurman is responsible for the circular economy program at MVO Nederland (CSR The Netherlands). This includes the Dutch RACE Coalition where we work with public and private partners to accelerate circular business through Design, value chain innovation and financing programs. And the Green Deal Circular Procurement in which over 40 public and private partners are enhancing the circular economy through their purchasing initiatives.


Frido Kraanen| PGGM | Financing the CE

Frido is responsible for the PGGM’s cooperative principles, the societal agenda of PGGM and the corporate social responsibility program. He is also a board member of the Cooperative WeHelpen, Deltaplan Dementia, a nationwide program to fight Alzheimer’s disease and chairs an international working group on the role of money and finance in the transition to a circular economy.


Mark Hodgson|QSA Partners LLP| Financing the CE

I have 25 years’ experience as a business professional specialising in sustainable business, low carbon economics and global commercial business development. I started my journey on circular business when studying and working with Ray Anderson ex-CEO of Interface in 2002. I have a track record of helping businesses transition from traditional linear models to re-manufacturing and circular business models. This process includes; innovation, product development, marketing operations, supply chains with a constant focus on commercial growth and reduced resource costs. I am currently lead consultant on the WRAP REBus circular business programme with companies such as Samsung, IKEA, Panasonic and Argos plus many SMEs. 


David Uzsoki|IISD| Financing the CE

David Uzsoki works as a sustainable finance and infrastructure specialist in IISD’s Public Procurement and Infrastructure Finance program. David applies his financial industry background in designing innovative financial solutions for projects with environmental and social impact. David’s work has focused on using green financial instruments such as green bonds in financing public-private partnerships (PPPs), deal structuring for sustainable infrastructure projects, risk management solutions for small and medium-sized enterprise loan securitization, green public procurement, improving bank financing for energy-efficient projects and supporting local currency financing in frontier countries.


Marcin Kautsch| Institute of Public Health | Sector Textiles

Marcin Kautsch M.Sc., Ph.D., a health care / public health lecturer and researcher, the coordinator of PPI projects. Editor and author of health care management publications. Apart from his academic career, he works as a consultant for health care units and local authorities in the field of and health care management and PPI.


Hanneke op den Brouw| RWS | Moderator sector Textiles

Hanneke will moderate the session of the sector Textiles. She works for Rijkswaterstaat. Both Rob van Arnhem and Marcin Kautsch use innovative strategies for the procurement of workwear. They will present good examples of their practice and the learnings derived from it. After their presentations the participants are invited to discuss the opportunities of applying their experience for the next step of circular procurement.


Rien Otto| Dutch aWEARness | Sector Textiles

Rien Otto has a long track record in the fashion industry and is a leading expert in the circular economy in the field of textiles. His target is to improve the world through sustainable initiatives following circular economy principles. He has designed the first fully closed chain in the work wear sector. This circular chain is currently piloted within innovation project EcoProFabrics, a pilot project within the Eco Innovation Programme of the European Commission in which Dutch aWEARness is exploiting the fully recyclable fabric Infinity in the work wear market. 


Rob van Arnhem| Ministry of Defence | Sector Textiles

Lieutenant-Colonel Rob van Arnhem; married and 3 children in the age of 25,23 and 21 years. In 1982 started at the Royal Military Academy and since 1986 as an officer of the Royal Netherlands Army on average every 3 years of job changed. Often features in the operational logistics, both in the Netherlands and abroad. January 2014 by Defense Materiel Organization requested to write a category plan about government-wide purchase clothing and uniforms.
Since January 2015 appointed as category manager responsible for procurement clothing and uniforms on behalf of the Central Government.


François Wakenhut| European Commission | International Policy Context

François Wakenhut is Head of the Resource Efficiency & Economic Analysis Unit in the Directorate-General for the environment of the European Commission since mid-2015.  In the same Directorate-General, he was previously Head of Unit for Biodiversity (2009-2015) and for International Relations, Governance & Development (2008-2009). François Wakenhut studied at the Institute of Political Studies in Strasbourg, at Georgetown University in Washington, DC, and at the College of Europe in Bruges.


Farid Yaker| UNEP 10YFP | International Policy Context

Farid Yaker is in charge of sustainable public procurement (SPP) at the United Nations Environment Programme, Division of Technology Economics and Industry, Paris. He is in charge of the 10YFP Sustainable Public Procurement Programme and of two ground projects aimed at assisting 16 countries in the implementation of SPP. 

Mark Hidson| ICLEI | International Policy Context

Mark joined ICLEI in 2003. He is a member of ICLEI Europe’s Board of Directors and responsible for ICLEI’s sustainable economy and procurement work. Mark is the Global Director ICLEI’s Sustainable Procurement Centre. For 17 years he has worked for, and on behalf of, local, regional and national governments in project, policy and strategy development on sustainability issues such as procurement, climate change and transport.


Ivo Bonajo| Ministry of internal affairs | International Policy Context

I have been working in the field of sustainability for over 10 years. Always dedicated to the business case of sustainability and social responsibility. I am motivated to make impact and add value to organizations, processes and people. In order to create a sound balance between economic and organizational growth, wellbeing and our environment.


Klaas van der Sterren| Rijkswaterstaat | Sector IT

Intrinsically socially involved, passionately driven to guide others towards a circular economy. Klaas van der Sterren is engaged in many different types of activities such as research, stakeholder dialogues, policy advise, workshops and seminars. Klaas’ focus is mainly on two product categories: plastics and ICT hardware. For the latter, Klaas has been active in REBus pilots that seek to implement circularity in procurement processes


Rob Heijink| IUC Rijkswaterstaat | Sector Catering

I am the Category Manager Catering for almost 6 years now. Many developments in government restaurants have occurred in this period. As the so called Single Point of Contact (SpoC) for catering and coffee services within all government buildings, I also set the catering policy for the next period. The food that is served should be tasty, healthy and sustainable grown and socially sold for affordable prices, a great challenge for both the caterers and me.


Jan Willem Bosman Jansen| GRO Holland| Sector Catering

Jan Willem has been working in the Entertainment industry all is life as a film distributor and music producer in the US, in 2010 he got involved with his wife’s project in Zimbabwe where their children’s home experienced severe food problems. A learning program was set up for the children to educate them to use organic waste products from the coffee plantations to grow mushrooms on. He then realized we could do this just as well in the Netherlands and founded GRO which collects coffee grounds nation-wide, grows mushrooms and produces snack and food products selling them back to the same customers where they collect the coffee grounds.


Tamara Bruning| City of Ghent| Sector Catering

As a cook I’m passionate about food, as a bachelor in social work I care for people and as a master in public management I strive for good policy. As the  head of Cleaning and Cateringservices for the City of Ghent I can put these three beliefs in practice. Together with my team I’m responsible for the sustainable procurement of 4500 school- and nurserymeals a day and the daily cleaning of 340 very divers citybuildings. This way my team and I are helping our city to become the climate-neutral city of tomorrow.


Betina Bergmann Madsen|Municipality of Copenhagen| Sector Catering

Betina Bergmann Madsen is chief procurement officer in Copenhagen Municipality and a specialist in the procurement of sustainable and organic food for the municipality’s 900 kitchens. Betina strives to continually improve the steady supply of seasonal and high quality ingredients into the public systems and aims to tailor the tenders to adjust to the different needs of different kitchens, but also to actively enforce the municipality’s ambition to ensure that tenders include  SME’s, circular economy and Social Economic Enterprises. 


Robert Kaukewitsch| European Comission| 

Since January 2011, Robert Kaukewitsch is Green Public Procurement Officer in DG Environment of the European Commission. From 2003-2010, he worked on environmental and sustainability issues in the Committee of the Regions and the European Economic and Social Committee. Before joining the EU civil service, he held different positions in the City of Hamburg. He is a lawyer by training and comes from Germany.


Sabine Oberhuber | Turntoo| Construction

Sabine Oberhuber, is co-founder of Turntoo, one of the first companies dedicated to the circular economy, which created some of the original examples of circular economy concepts including the Light as a Service (“pay per lux”) model together with Philips. Sabine is working with public and private organizations to develop and implement circular business models and circular procurement. Sabine studied economy at the University of Münster and gained a Master of Management at ESCP European Business School in Paris, Oxford und Berlin.


Markus Laubscher  | Philips| CP Policy Procurement, empowering the circular economy ​

Markus Laubscher has worked on sustainable business and innovation strategy with Philips since 2005. In his current role he leads the company-wide business transformation program related to Circular Economy, where he facilitates internally the implementation of pilot projects in the relevant business groups, tracks progress and assures knowledge management and capacity building. Externally, he builds and maintains partnerships with key organizations in the field, works with media partners and acts as content expert for policy development.






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