Biobank Standardisation and Harmonisation for Research Excellence in the European Union (BioSHaRE-EU) is a European FP7 project funded from 2010 to 2015. BioSHaRE produced tools and methods for data harmonisation and standardisation, data sharing and analysis across multiple biobanks and databases.

BioSHaRE generated three types of foreground outcome: tools, data and knowledge. Software tools are developed for cohort studies and related databases to manage, present, catalogue, secure and share their data, facilitating a wider use and re-use of their data. The same tools are useful for the scientific community to explore and use the available data in an efficient and secure manner. In addition, broadly applicable guidance and recommendations have been made for sample handling and Ethical, legal and social implications (ELSI) of biobank research and sharing of data. An comprehensive overview of the tools and methods is available in the BioSHaRE Catalogue of tools and methods for data sharing.

Data of 13 cohorts has been harmonized and analysed in scientific studies, which resulted in harmonised datasets, harmonisation algorithms and new data that enriched the participating cohort studies.

The scientific studies performed in BioSHaRE have produced knowledge about how to measure and harmonise specific lifestyle and exposure risk factors and health outcomes. BioSHaRE also produced knowledge about metabolically healthy obesity and about the effect of noise and air pollution exposure on health outcomes through a series of studies on these topics. The project resulted in nearly 100 publications in peer-reviewed journals.

To maximize the reach of BioSHaRE-EU within the biobanking community, and to disseminate information regarding project activities and results to the larger community, a wide range of dissemination activities were employed, including expert meetings, presentations, publications, newsletters, tutorials, movies and development of a public website.

Exploitation of the tools, data and knowledge produced in BioSHaRE is done in a scientific context. Even though commercial exploitation is not foreseen, the potential and actual use and application of the foreground is extensive and has high value for the stakeholders, mainly for further development and research activities.


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