Collective Intentionality X

International Conference | The Hague, The Netherlands | August 30 – September 2, 2016 (PhilEvents page)

Collective Intentionality X is an interdisciplinary conference concerning collective intentionality in particular and social ontology more generally. It is organized by Delft University of Technology, 3TU.Centre for Ethics and Technology, and the University of Groningen on behalf of the International Social Ontology Society (ISOS)

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Current information:

 Invited speakers:

  • Michael Bratman (Stanford University): Acting and Thinking Together
  • Gunnar Björnsson (Umeå University): Shared Responsibility
  • Toni Erskine (University of New South Wales): “Coalitions of the Willing” and the  Shared Responsibility to Protect
  • Johanna Seibt (Aarhus University): Social Robotics – New Forms of Sociality, New Types of Responsibility?
  • Henry Shue (Oxford): Rules and Exceptions in War
  • Christopher Kutz (Berkeley), Michael Skerker (United States Naval Academy), Seumas Miller (Charles Sturt University): Special Panel on Collective Responsibility, War and Terrorism




Symposium on Collective Responsibility and Responsibility Gaps

The conference will feature a symposium on collective responsibility in general and responsibility gaps in particular. This symposium features Gunnar Björnsson’s lecture on this theme. Responsibility gaps arise when there is no straightforward reduction of responsibility at the collective level to responsibility at the individual level. Such gaps have been argued to occur within the context of organized as well as unorganized collectives. They can be explored in the abstract, or in relation to specific problems such as corporate disasters or global justice.


Peace Palace

The program features a lecture (on Wednesday evening) and a panel (on Thursday evening) in the nearby Peace Place. For more details, see the program. You can freely participate in these sessions but you need to register before August, 20: register here


ECAI 2016

CI X takes place at the same venue and time as ECAI 2016. People who register for one of these conferences can also attend the other.



Program committee: Prof. Dr. Frank Hindriks (chair), Raimo Tuomela, Hans Bernhard Schmid, David Schweikard, Elisabeth Pacherie, Kirk Ludwig, Deborah Tollefsen, Brian Epstein, Arto Laitinen, Hannes Rakoczy, Tom Smith, Mari Mikkola, Sara Chant, Gerhard Thonhauser, Alessandro Salice, Michael Schmitz, Titus Stahl

For questions concerning submissions and program, please contact Dr. Titus Stahl at

Local organizing committee (chair): Prof. Dr. Ibo van de Poel

For questions concerning the organization of the conference, please contact Monique Pijls at


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 event registration made easy