FX & IRD Breakfast Meetings

FX & IRD Breakfast Meetings

BNP Paribas Global Markets is glad to invite you to


Foreign Exchange and Interest Rate Markets Breakfast Meetings


You are cordially invited to join us over breakfast or lunch, whereafter the following speakers will be presenting a foreign exchange outlook:


Steven Saywell – Global Head of FX Stratgy, BNP Paribas London  &

Sam Lynton-Brown – FX Strategist, BNP Paribas London    

Steven and Sam will address questions such as:

  • Will the theme of G10 policy divergence return?

  • What is the importance of balance of payments in an uncertain environment?

  • What is the outlook for CNY and what does it mean for G10 FX?


In addition Bradley Anderson, Head of Accounting Solutions, BNP Paribas London will share views on IFRS 9.

'‘Don’t just do something, stand there’'

The long and winding road to replace IAS 39, accounting for financial instruments, has culminated in the issuance of IFRS 9 (July 2014).  Effective 1 January 2018, IFRS 9 has wide reaching implications for financial institutions as well as corporates applying hedge accounting.  Bradley will address the following points:

  • Why IFRS 9?

  • What is changing and what can you do under IFRS 9?

  • What should you be doing now?

  • A refresher on best practices under IAS 39 hedge accounting


When signing up, please select your preference:

  • On Thursday 12 May in Rotterdam at 07.30 (breakfast session)
  • On Thursday 12 May in Eindhoven at 12.00 (lunch session)
  • On Friday 13 May in Amsterdam at 07.30 (breakfast session)


You can register for one of the above meetings using the 'register' tab in the menu on top of the page. Please also find the actual program, locations and contact information under the respective tabs.


Kind regards,


BNP Paribas Global Markets the Netherlands





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