Inhouse Day 2016

Inhouse Day 2016

Internal registration form - Inhouse Day

Thursday 24 November

15.00h - 20.00h

Name department coordinator for the Inhouse Day:

For your booth during the information market, we will provide:

  • Promotion wall (for posters)
  • Promotion desk (size of the tables: 180 x 80 x 110 cm)
  • Department signing. 
  • 3 Electrical sockets

We have the following program elements during the Inhouse Day for which we would like direct support from your department:

Information Market

  • Informal talk with students at your booth

Meet & Greet

  • 20 minute one-on-one interview
  • Primarily matched by discipline
  • Student chooses the topic – from generic to personal choices / career

I kindly request you to provide us the names and email addresses of colleagues in your department who will represent ASML during the different program elements. 

Information Market Colleague 1:

Information Market Colleague 2:

Meet & Greet Colleague 1:

Meet & Greet Colleague 2:

Students of various disciplines will attend the event. 
Indicate the discipline(s) that is/are particularly interesting for your department:

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