You can choose between the following presents:

1. A Q-band HR fitbit

Need some help keeping your New Year’s resolutions? The fitbit will help you stay happy, healthy and connected! This smart wristband monitors your heart rate, sends smart notifications and tracks your all-day activity. It will even tell you if you get enough sleep. This Christmas present will also keep you connected: it sends vibration alerts for incoming calls, texts, social media, calendar alerts, and more. In addition, the fitbit keeps track of your daily step count and allows you to challenge your co-workers to a ‘step battle’ through the app. Get the competition going! Last but not least, the fitbit monitors how many calories you’ve burned on a given day. Not bad!


2. The famous Bijenkorf-bon

This present doesn’t need an introduction. You probably know this gift certificate! Fashion, accessories, gadgets, games, you name it, the Bijenkorf has got it.


The choice is yours. Happy holidays everyone!

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