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Workshop on the Atmospheric Stable Boundary Layer

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This year, 2017, on March 27th – 31st an international workshop on “Turbulence in Stably Stratified planetary boundary layers” will be held at the Delft University of Technology, Netherlands.

Purpose of this decennial meeting is to assess the ‘State-of-the-art’ in SBL research and to see in what directions the research field is moving. Moreover, we aim to probe into the contemporary scientific problems and challenges and to find the critical issues that will require extra attention in the near-future.

The meeting is the third in line after successful predecessors of Lovanger (Sweden; 1997) and Sedona (U.S.; 2007). For an overview on those meetings, see the references below.

The setup of the meeting is unlike a ‘regular conference’, in a sense that the latest results from each presenter’s own group will not be the main focus. Rather, for each scientific topic (two) keynote speakers have been invited. Those speakers will give an overview on the topic (for example a brief historical outline) and –identify the challenging questions related to this topic. Next, the questions are collected and discussed in subgroups of participants who will present their findings in one summary slide. Lastly, the topic is wrapped up during a panel discussion.

In addition to the keynote speakers and other participants, PhD students are also invited. They are encouraged to present a poster with challenging questions related to their research. The best poster will receive a prize and its topic will be discussed in subgroups as well.

The formal workshop from Monday-Thursday will be followed by an informal GABLS-meeting of Friday to discuss the progress on the GABLS-IV (Antarctic) case. Again, this meeting, organized in collaboration with Eric Bazile and Fleur Couvreux, is open to all the interested participants.

A more elaborated overview of the workshop program will be distributed when more information on the number of participants becomes available.

If you like to participate the following practical issues are important:

Practical issues: 

  1. For participants a registration fee of 175 EURO is requested (to cover the local costs). Keynote speakers are free of registration costs. Fees will be collected by "aanmelder.nl" on behalf of us. 
  2. All the lunches, some refreshments/drinks (including coffee, tea) and 1 workshop dinner are covered. Please note that travel/hotel expenses cannot be covered. 
  3. Hotels in City Centre are within walking distance to university campus (approximately 20 min). No specific suggestions are made. Please note that several buses (#40, 69, 174) also run from the train station to the campus. One way ticket is approximately 1.50 euros. 
  4. Workshop will be held at Cultural Centre at the Campus of TU Delft; Mekelweg 8, Delft (see photo below). 
  5. Public transportation by train from Schiphol Airport to Delft. A single trip takes about 1 hour (costs ~ 10 Euro). 
  6. Note: subscription will be closed after February 22th or when we have over 100 subscriptions. 

List of keynote speakers:

Acevedo, Anderson, Angevine, Ansorge, Beyrich, Edwards, Fedorovich, Galperin, Grachev, Holtslag, Jonker, Mahrt, McNider, Mironov, Sorbjan*, Steeneveld, Sullivan, Sun, Zilitinkevich

Keywords discussion topics (inter alia): 

Coherent structures and global intermittency (numerical & observational aspects); non-traditional SBLs: MO vs. non-MO similarity; transitional SBLs; radiative SBLs; polar/long-lived SBL; surface heterogeneity & mesoscale effects; urban SBL; recent observational & theoretical developments; total turbulent Energy concepts; atmosphere-surface interactions, gravity waves & turbulence… 

The meeting is primarily oriented towards understanding of physical processes. However aspects of model parameterization will get attention as well, particularly during the GABLS meeting on Friday.


Cultural Centre of Delft University of Technology, Mekelweg 8, Delft


Nappo, C. and P.-E. Johansson, 1999: Summary of the Lövånger international workshop on turbulence and diffusion in the stable planetary boundary layer. Bound.-Layer Meteor., 90, 345–374.

Fernando, H. J. S., and J. C. Weil, 2010: Whither the stable boundary layer? Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc., 91, 1475–1484.

* P.S., Feb. 21st. Unfortunately, the sad new has arrived that our highly respected colleague and scientific friend has deceased last week. We are currently discussing how to memorize Zbig during the workshop.

If anyone - during the workshop- would like to share his personal remembrances to working with Zbig or would like to share a few words on the importance of Prof. Sorbjan's work to the community, please contact us: b.j.h.vandewiel@tudelft.nl



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