De Nederlandsche Bank (The Dutch Bank)

Do you see yourself in the world of money. The DNB presents everything you ever wanted to know about the economy and DNB's areas of expertise, and how they affect your everyday life. Step into the shoes of an examining officer, adviser or policy officer and decide on granting authorizations to financial institutions. Or find out how raising or lowering interest rates affects a lot more than you would expect.

Nowadays transferring money to your friend is just a few clicks on your phone. But what if you send it to the wrong person or you type the account number wrong, what happens then? If that happens you need get your money back. Did you know that all banks are going to check from this year, if your name is real and matches your identical account number? This is all because each month 1300 money transfer were send to the wrong account number or was used in a fraud situation.

Do you want to know how all banks are checking your name is real or not? Join us with the visit and find out yourself!



Yakult, the untold story! Everybody has heard at least once of the little bottle filled with enough vitamins to boost your entire day. But how exactly did they achieve their global success over the last century? Yakult is the world’s leading probiotic beverage and is nowadays sold in more than 33 countries such as France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, UK and, The Netherlands. Yakult is still expanding worldwide and the factory tour that we have arranged for you gives a great perspective of how a multinational operates within a foreign market.

Join us for the company visit at Yakult to experience the production process of a company that was able to rise to the top, within their market segment! 


Coca Cola

Do you want to visit a big multinational company which produces most of the beverages you drink? We were able to contact such a company for a visit. We have arranged a visit for you at the Coca Cola factory in Belgium. Everyone knows the brand Coca Cola and his marketing, but it is not only the marketing they are doing. To keep a company like Coca Cola as big as it is, it needs lots of effort and teamwork in all sectors. Coca Cola wants to tell us more about how they have come so far and how everything is on the job as well as a possibility for an internship at the company. Do you find it interesting to visit such a big multinational? This is the opportunity to learn more about the business and how everything works in real life. 

Neele-vat Logistics

Neele-vat Logistics is located all over Europe and transports over road, sea and, air. They offer full service logistics and warehousing. During the visit a tour will be given around the warehouse. You will learn more about the harbor of Rotterdam and, hear the story of a graduate from Hogeschool Rotterdam who is employed at Neele-vat Logistics.

Are you interested and do you want to join us on this exiting visit to Neele-vat Logistics?  Sign up and we will see you there!