10 years of 4TU.Ethics

10 years of 4TU.Ethics

Please use this form to register for our 10 year celebration. 

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* Please read in case you would like to pay by credit card: sometimes non NL credit card payments are not accepted due to the fact that not all banks support the 3D securecode which is used by Dutch banks for authentication.

If this is the case, please use PayPal (you can also use PayPay one time, without having to create an account, this is called PayPal once-only)


* Regarding deregistration and refund (all registration options / payment methods): we are only able to deregister (and refund) you before May 28th. 


* In case of diets, food allergies or other food related preferences, please contact our intern Mees Hellinga at m.a.hellinga@utwente.nl