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Veldhoven Proeft: Dutch bites for internationals

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Veldhoven Proeft: Dutch bites for internationals 

From Friday 1st until Sunday 3rd September the ‘Veldhoven Proeft’ food festival takes place in Veldhoven. Attend a special opening for ASML staff to find out more about Dutch cuisine

Visit the Veldhoven Proeft (direct translation: Veldhoven Tastes) food festival to sample specialties from multiple restaurants and food trucks from the local area in one place. Held in Elsen Park, it’s the biggest garden party in town. Before the festival opens to the public, a special event called Dutch bites for internationals has been arranged for ASML. On Friday September 1, from 16:00 to 18:00 you can join colleagues to sample typical dishes and snacks from Holland, Brabant and Veldhoven. Friends and family are also welcome.

Peter Wennink, CEO of ASML, who will attend if he is in the Netherlands, invites you to experience all the things his hometown of Veldhoven and his country has to offer. The festival will be held just 2km from ASML’s headquarters, in a park close to the center of Veldhoven. 

Show your ASML batch on arrival to get a welcome drink and then take the opportunity to find out more about the Dutch culture and traditions. From carnival, sinterklaas and bikes to cheesemaking, clogs and drop (liquorice). Not only will you be able to see how Dutch specialities such as stroopwafels, bitterballen and worstenbroodjes are made and how herring should be eaten, there’s even a masterclass in making the classic winter meal of stamppot.

The local mayor of Veldhoven, Jack Mikkers, will be present and speak during our special event. Then from 18:00 the gates will open for the general public and you can stay as long as you like to enjoy the food and atmosphere of the festival, which closes at 24:00.


Interested? Please sign up for Dutch Bites for internationals <LINK>



Where: Burg. Elsenpark, Veldhoven 

When: Friday, September 1 

Time: 16:00 – 18:00  


Sample dishes and snacks costs €1.25 each.

For more information about Veldhoven Proeft see the website: veldhovenproeft.nl 


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