Thursday September 28th 2017

12.30 – 17.00

Location: HSD, Wilhelmina van Pruisenweg 104, The Hague



During the programme, various sub sessions will be hosted during two subsequent rounds. When you register, please indicate your preferred topic or state otherwise your field of interest. This information will be used to further improve the programme.


1) Cybersecurity as enabler for future services or monitoring

Joep Brand - Deputy CISO / Shell

2) Collaboration throughout the value chain

to be announced soon

3) By Design – Cybersecurity in the design phase

Martijn Bijmolt/ DOT Power & Mark Bakker / Applied Risk

4) Cybersecurity: Human Factor / Increasing awareness

to be announced soon

5) How to improve cyber resilience on existing operations technology networks

to be announced soon


More detailed information on the sub sessions will follow shortly. If your business is interested to contribute towards the sessions, i.e. to discuss a business case or current issue or problem. Please don’t hesitate and contact to discuss the possibilities; Edward.Gilding@innovationquarter.nl.