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The academic & business networking event

The academic & business networking event

February 8th 2018 we will host the PhD, Postdoc and business networking event. 

Our goal is to bring research professionals, LS&H companies and the municipality of Roterdam

together and:

-stimulate (new) public-private partnerships

-give insight into the value of postdoctoral employers for LS&H industry

-demonstrate career opportunities for young research professionals in LS&H business sector

-increase visibility and the value of LS&H consortium for entrepeneurs andLS&H companies

-to present the municipality of Rotterdam as an attractive residence for LS&H entrepeneurs and companies

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You can directly register on the online registration form for this event.

With kind regards,

Life! Sciences and Health Consortium Rotterdam, Postdoc Network Erasmus MC, Promeras (PhD network Erasmus MC)


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