Newsletter nr. 6

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12 January 2021

Microdurability conference will be organized as a series of webinars

Considering current situation of COVID-19 in the Netherlands and in European, it will be very difficult to organize a physical conference in the end of this April in the Hague. Furthermore we have already postponed the conference two times so that the conference organizing committee has decided to change the Microdurability conference to an online conference.

Learnt from other successful online events, it would be very hard for participants to sit the whole day in front of screen in three consecutive days. Thus we plan to organize the Microdurability conference as a series of webinars throughout the month of April and May. In each series, we will plan three parallel sessions within 2 hours. Each parallel session may contribute to a specific topic. There are 7 presentations in each session. Every presentation lasts 15 min (12 min pre-recorded video + 3 min live Q&A). A deep discussion is expected in the end of each session.

The event registration is NOW open. Please register before the 10th Feb, 2021.

Registered authors are encouraged to give a presentation during the event. Please prepare a pre-recorded video (maximum length: 12 minutes) of your presentation and send to via WeTransfer before 15th March, 2021.

For registered authors, your contribution will be included in the Microdurability2020 proceeding. Please note that no copyright of your contribution is required. If we do not receive your registration before 10th Feb 2021, your paper will be excluded in the conference proceedings and in the online programme.