Organizing partners and Committee


Assoc. Prof. dr. ir. Henk Schellen

Assoc. Prof. dr. ir. Henk Schellen – Eindhoven University of Technology, Eindhoven
Ir. Ronald Rovers – RiBuilT, Research Institute Built environment of Tomorrow, Waalre
Ir. Guus de Haas – de Haas advies, Voorburg
Ir. Peter op ’t Veld – Huygen, Maastricht | H2020 Coördinator MORE-CONNECT
Ir. Loes Visser – Huygen, Maastricht
Ir. John van Oorschot – ZUYD University of Applied Sciences, Heerlen

Assoc. Prof. dr. ir. Henk Schellen – Eindhoven University of Technology, Eindhoven
Ir. John van Oorschot – ZUYD University of Applied Sciences, Heerlen
Ir. Ronald Rovers – RiBuilT, Research Institute Built environment of Tomorrow, Waalre
Prof. dr. ir. Antonin Lupisek – Czech Technical University, Prague
Prof. dr. ir. Anatolijs Borodinecs – Riga Technical University, Riga
Prof. dr. ir. Targo Kalamees – Tallinn University of Technology, Tallinn
Prof. dr. ir. Manuela Almeida – University of Minho, Guimarães
Prof. dr. Marijke Steeman – Ghent University, Ghent
Prof. Petr Hájek – Czech Technical University, Prague
Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Thomas Lützkendorf – Karlsruhe Institute for Technology, Karlsruhe
Prof. dr. ir. arch. Griet Verbeeck – Hasselt Univeristy, Hasselt
Prof. dr. ir. Mieke Oostra – Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen
Assoc. Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn. Alexander Passer, MSc. – Graz University of Technology, Graz
Prof. dr. ir. Haico van Nunen – Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, Rotterdam
Prof. dr. ir. Nurhan Abujidi – ZUYD University of Applied Sciences, Heerlen
Dr. Katleen deFlander – Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies, Potsdam
Prof. dr. ir. Emile Quanjel - Avans University of Applied Sciences, ‘s-Hertogenbosch
Prof. dr. ir. Robert Lowe - University College London, London
Richard Lorch - Editor at Building Research & Information, Taylor & Francis Group
Prof. dr. ir. Zeger Vroon – ZUYD University of Applied Sciences, Heerlen
Dr. ir. Michiel Ritzen – ZUYD University of Applied Sciences, Heerlen
Dr. ir. Elke Knapen – Hasselt University, Hasselt
Prof. dr. ir. Rolf André Bohne – Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim
Assoc. Prof. dr. ir. Paula Femenías – Chalmers University of Technology, Göteborg
Dr. Minna Sunikka-Blank – University of Cambridge, Cambridge
Dr. Mingming Hu - Leiden University, Leiden
Prof. dr. Guillaume Habert - ETH Zurich, Zurich
Prof. dr. Shady Attia - University of Liège, Liège
Dr. drs. ir. Christoph Maria Ravesloot - Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, Rotterdam

Dr. Alice Moncaster - The Open University UK

SBE Series
International Sustainable Built Environment Conference Series

The series is held on a three-year cycle with planning and preparation in year 1, national/regional confrences held in year 2 and a single global event held in year 3.

The series places a core emphasis on peer-reviewed papers, presentations of regional policy papers, displays of pre-evaluated projects and a small number of high-quality commercial exhibits. These events also provide fast-track inclusion of the best technical papers from national/regional conferences into the global event, as well as registration policies designed to encourage the attendance of students and delegates from developing countries.

Twenty national/regional conferences took place in 2016 and the World SBE17 conference took place in Hong Kong. In all of these conferences, one or more local research-based organizations have taken financial and organizational responsibility while the international series owners, CIB, iiSBE, FIDIC and UN Environment, have given organizational advice and have used their networks to help ensure a large multi-disciplinary audience for the events.

The increasingly high reputation of the series has resulted in other research groups and organizations holding events concurrently with SBE conferences thereby maximizing the benefit for delegates. In short, the SBE-series of conferences provides delegates with an unparalleled view into national, regional and international sustainable building issues every three years, while providing host organizations with increased visibility and effectiveness in their own regions.

The series continues to evolve. Up to and including 2013 the series was titled the "SB" or Sustainable Building conference series, but the series partners changed the series name to "SBE", standing for Sustainable Built Environment series, to more clearly indicate the inclusion of issues related to local urban areas and supporting infrastructure. There is also an increasing emphasis on continuity, reflected by the stablishment of a Panel of Advisors, consisting of global conference organizers going back to 2000, and an increased emphasis on involving the World SBE conference organizers in the preceding ational/regional SBE events.


Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) is a research university specializing in engineering science & technology.

Our education, research and knowledge valorization contribute to:

  • science for society: solving the major societal issues and boosting prosperity and welfare by focusing on the Strategic Areas of Energy,  Health and Smart Mobility
  • science for industry: the development of technological innovation in cooperation with industry
  • science for science: progress in engineering sciences through excellence in key research cores and innovation in education


Excellent Education

We see it as our duty to train engineers to possess a sound scientific basis and scientific depth. They also have the necessary skills to successfully flourish in social sectors and functions.

Advanced quality research

With advanced quality research, the university contributes to the progress of technical sciences and thus the development of technological innovations.

We focus on areas in which we participate in the international scientific community. This can play an important role. The TU/e wants to give significant impetus to the knowledge-intensive industries and other social sectors with a high or rapidly evolving technology-intensity.

Knowledge Valorisation

The TU/e puts emphasis on knowledge valorisation: research results are translated into successful innovations and serve as a basis for creating new products, processes and enterprises. We encourage students and staff to opt for entrepreneurship.

Mission TU/e

With this profile, the TU/e profiles itself as a leading, international, in engineering science & technology specialized university. We offer excellent teaching and research and thereby contribute to the advancement of technical sciences and research to the developing of technological innovations and the growth of wealth and prosperity both in its own region (technology & innovation hotspot Eindhoven) and beyond.

More Connect

The European building sector is fragmented and so far not been able to offer holistic, integral solutions for nearly Zero Energy Building (nZEB) deep renovation for reasonable pricing and of (high) quality.

The European Union’s H2020 project MORE-CONNECT tries to solve this problem by developing prefabricated, multifunctional renovation elements for the total building envelope (façade and roof) and installation/building services. These elements can be combined, selected and configured by the end-user, based on specific needs. The outcomes of MORE-CONNECT can be used as input for advanced Building Information Modelling systems to steer and control further production processes of various renovation elements, with the intend that unique bespoke series of renovation elements can be fabricated in a mass production process for mass production (affordable) pricing.


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