IPS 50th Anniversary
Jubilee Symposium 2018 

Rotterdam, the Netherlands 
11-13 September 2018 

‘Wise use of peatlands, past and future’

The International Peatland Society (IPS) celebrated its 50th anniversary from 11 to 13 September with a symposium and a spectacular gala evening.

Presentations of the Jubilee Symposium on 11 - 13 September are currently being uploaded to the IPS Intranet (for members, login on top left) for all whose permissions we have received. Click here and log in.


These companies support this event and our organization by sponsoring us.

Silver Sponsor Symposium  Klasmann-Deilmann GmbH
General Sponsor Bord na Móna
General Sponsor Griendtsveen AG
General Sponsor Symposium Bol Peat  
Bronze Sponsor Symposium Stempher B.V.   
Bronze Sponsor Symposium Premier Tech Chronos  
Bronze Sponsor Symposium Lentse &Slingerland Potgrond  
Wine Sponsor Gala Evening Greenyard  
Bronze Sponsor Symposium BVB Substrates  
Bronze Sponsor Symposium Provincie Zuid-Holland  
Bronze Sponsor Symposium  VAPO  
Bronze Sponsor Symposium  Jongkind Substrates  
Bronze Sponsor Symposium  Responsibly Produced Peat  
Bronze Sponsor Symposium Willems Baling Equipment BV  
Coffee Sponsor Scientific sessions Torfwerk Moorkultur Ramsloh  
Bronze/Coffee sponsor INADCO Bulk Density and Moisture Measurement

Bronze Sponsor Symposium  Van der Knaap Group   
Bronze Sponsor Symposium  Nevema  
Bronze Sponsor Symposium  Van Egmond Substrates  
Gold Sponsor Summit  PREMIER TECH



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 event registration made easy