Programme Jubilee Symposium 

Scientists, policy makers, regulators, representatives of NGO’s and industry managers (peat harvesting, growing media and energy)  will meet to share most recent scientific research and technical developments in the field of peatlands and climate change, the use of peatlands by agriculture, forestry and peat industry, tropical peatlands and the restoration of peatlands. 

This Jubilee Symposium is titled:  

‘Wise use of peatlands, past and future’ 


Special attention will be given to Dutch landscape history, responsible peat production and the use of peat by horticulture, subsidence of drained peatlands, related CO2 emissions and strategies for dealing with soil subsidence like submerged drains and paludiculture.


During the symposium the results of the IPS project “Peat for Food and Quality for life” will be presented,  which includes a forecast of the demand for peat from 2020 – 2050 and how this demand can responsibly be satisfied.

Al meetings, session and social programme will take place on the ss Rotterdam. Except for the lecture road tour, although the tours starts from the ship as well. 

The programme will be further elaborated on in the coming weeks.

Go to programme structure and the gala evening for additional information.

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 event registration made easy