The Academic Exchange Program is composed of several stages. 


Applications should include a Curriculum Vitae and a brief summary (max 1 page) describing the goal of the visit, the expectations of the exchange program and any planned research and / or project application activities (click here to fill in the application form)

2.Intake interview

Upon receipt, The letter of application and professional profile of the participants will be reviewed. When sought suitable for the program the participant will receive a letter of admittance to the program and be invited for an intake interview. During the intake interview the expectations, aspirations, and planned schedule will be discussed. Together with the participant a plan of action will be drafted.

      3.Tailored approach

The months prior to the travel period initial contact will be made between the participant and the potential collaborative partners. The participant is expected to be pro-active herein, driven by his or her own motivation. Complementarity of expertise and alignment of interest are key issues. Other factors that should be taken into account are operational readiness, expectations and timing from both parties. The program offers the opportunity to navigate him or herself within the existing scientific and innovation networks of CITRIS and Medical Delta. The project coordinator can be contacted at any time to facilitate in setting up contacts or making other arrangements. The participant is expected to arrange his or her own accommodation and flight, but can inquire assistance by the project coordinator who can offer advice. 

4.Traveling period

During the traveling period, the participant will reside in the San Francisco Bay area for a predefined period (3.2 duration).  The project coordinator will be of assistance for questions throughout the course of the stay.

5. Evaluation

After arrival in the Netherlands the participant will be requested to fill in an evaluation form on the preparation period and the visit itself. Furthermore, the participant is expected to hand in a brief summary of the (expected) output, detailing which research groups, organizations or institutions have been visited, what collaborations have been initiated and/or what the expected follow up or generated output will be. 



symposium registration
 symposium registration