Port Innovation Lab
To attract new and relevant port ideas and accelerate them into successful startups: that is what the Port Innovation Lab does. We offer activities, coaches, testing facilities, access to a launching customer network, investors and more. With this program we bring ideas to a next stage. We offer support in validating someone’s business plan and help take the right steps towards a successful startup. We work towards one goal: new startups with a scalable business model who would like to conquer the world from within the port of Rotterdam. www.portinnovationlab.nl


Port of Rotterdam Authority
At Port of Rotterdam we strive to be the smartest port in the world. In the dynamic world of logistics and industry, stagnation means decline. This is why, in Rotterdam, we are continuously looking for ideas that make our port safer, more efficient and sustainable.

As the best innovations originate where two worlds come together, we strongly believe in cooperating with external parties. Start-ups - with their flexibility and creative ideas - are considered of great importance to rejuvenate the port. We actively scout start-ups and match them both internally to Port of Rotterdam authority as well as externally to corporates in the port. Aside from this, Port of Rotterdam supports start-ups with our incubator and accelerator programmes in obtaining licenses, finding workspace, shared facilities, etc. We consider the port a great innovative playing field, full of business potential.

Port of Rotterdam and YES!Delft join their forces and ambitions in Port Innovation Lab. Port of Rotterdam and its wide range of companies are looking for entrepreneurs with smart solutions for the port. Ideas that make the port safer, more efficient and sustainable.  

YES!Delft  - Building Tomorrow’s Leading Firms
YES!Delft is a tech incubator that helps entrepreneurs to build and grow leading technology companies. Our programs turn promising technology ideas and teams into solid startups and grow them to successful companies. YES!Delft offers guidance and support to graduates, scientists, engineers and professionals in their startup journey.
The programs YES!Delft offers to entrepreneurs focus on customer validation and long term growthof complex technologies. YES!Delft offers access to mentors, experts, investors and partners who share their know-how and experience with entrepreneurs.

YES!Delft is focused on building companies that offer solutions in industries such as Clean Technology, Industrials, Energy, Health & Medical Technology, ICT, Mobility and Consumer Products.

YES!Delft has successfully build more than 160 companies so far and every day continues to focus on building tomorrow's leading firms. www.yesdelft.nl 


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