Deployment of floating solar platforms in the port’s empty slots and underutilized waterways


A block-chain based digital passport for cargo containers that keeps track of the goods.

DS Propulsive Solutions

Enhancing the efficiency of blades of propellers with a novel system


A new type of electric autonomous drone that is capable of extreme long flights with a higher payload 

Datura Molecular Solutions BV

Using new DNA technologies to monitor the biodiversity of (sea)water and helps to increase its quality

Tow-Botic Systems

A revolutionary method for handling ships from port approach to berth, through an automated towing technology.  

Appsilon Data Science

Data analysis of sensors, AIS, weather and other data relevant for ship operators in order to improve decision making.

Cimandef & Didier

Recycling small abandoned or life-ending boats into useful equipment for the port and for urban communities

Hydra storage

A strengthened container to store and create hydrogen gas through electrolysis

Owl Tech

Manipulation of cargo using magnetic fields in order to reduce the amount of moving parts and the mechanical complexity of the system



There’s more to a surface than what meets the eye!

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