NIOK Advanced Topics in Catalysis

Photo- and Electrocatalysis – A hands-on workshop


Location: TU Eindhoven, Department of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry, HELIX building

Date: November 5-6, 2020

Organization team: Dr. Marta Costa Figueiredo (TU/e), Dr. Antoni Forner Cuenca (TU/e),
Dr. Thijs de Groot (TU/e), Dr. Jan Philipp Hofmann (TU/e), Dr. Bastian Mei (UTwente)



As follow up to the CAIA course (Catalysis an Integrated Approach) NIOK offers now a successor of that course where you can deepen your understanding called "NIOK Advanced Topics in Catalysis". This course consists of 4 independent modules which can be followed separately. These four modules are focused on 1) photo- and electrocatalysis (Hofmann, TU/e), 2) conversion of renewable feedstocks (Bitter, WUR), 3) theoretical catalysis (Bickelhaupt, VU), and 4) advanced topics in molecular catalysis (De Bruin, UvA).
You as NIOK PhD student or postdoc are invited to this course but also external PhD/postdocs as well as colleagues from industry are welcome.

The attended and completed modules can be mentioned as such on the NIOK bull issued with the PhD degree. Certification of attendance to individual modules can be issued. 

You are herewith invited for the first part of the course: Photo- and Electrocatalysis – A hands-on workshop

This course will be complementing the graduate school on the fundamentals of electrochemistry of the Dutch initiative on electrochemical conversion and materials (ECCM), which will be held in November 2019. The ECCM format will be mainly lectures/lectorials by experts from the field. Hence, it has been decided to aim here on a hands-on workshop were focus is put on basic operations in the electrochemical lab as well as data treatment, analysis and interpretation.

The course will consist of four 3-hour workshops given by colleagues from TU Eindhoven (Figueiredo, Forner, De Groot, Hofmann) and U Twente (Mei). The workshops will be offered in rotation with 4 groups of 6-7 participants, so that everybody can follow each workshop resulting in a two-day program. Next to the workshops, there will be time and room for exchange and community building.

Target audience: max. 30 participants PhD students /Postdocs /industrial participants



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 event registration made easy