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Amsterdam Accelerator Exchange

November 20 & 21 2014

Building off the incredible success of the Accelerator Exchange in Berlin, the whole Accelerator world is invited to come to Amsterdam in November and Scale your Pulse!
An exchange organized by the Dutch and German Accelerators.

As an entrepreneur you have an unique Pulse. An untameable energy that drives your vision, passion, persistence and talent to build. The biggest challenge for most entrepreneurs is to learn how to transfer that energy and passion to your employees. If you succeed in transferring your Pulse to your employees, your business will realize its greatest potential.

The theme of the Excange 2014 is: Scale your Pulse!.

During the Amsterdam Exchange, leaders of fast-growing companies will learn, share, and inspire each other to become better entrepreneurs and grow their businesses towards their first million euros in revenue. The program will feature well known keynote speakers, workshops from Accelerator trainers, the opportunity to learn from the experience of inspiring entrepreneurs and the Accelerator toolkit. Naturally, there will be ample opportunity to discover each other’s businesses, make friends, grow an international network and have fun in Amsterdam.

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Registration Clossed
Please contact Ingrid is you want to attend the event.

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  • Registration before November 1st: € 365,-
  • Registration between November 1st and November 13th: € 450,-
  • Registraion after Novermber 13th: € 650,-

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