19 November 2014

18:00 - 20:00

Arrival at NDSM Venue

Registration desk @ restaurant PLLEK

One of the hottest entrepreneurial environments nowadays in Amsterdam is the NDS M Dock. An inspiring place, with lots of energy and possibilities to relax.

The dock is near the city center of Amsterdam: just take the free boat and within 10 minutes you’ll be in the heart of the city!

20 November 2014

08:00 - 13:30

Your Big Hairy Audacious Goal

Accelerator Strategy Session

All accelerators join the strategy session, one of the four pillars of the EO Entrepreneur program.

The Accelerator Trainers Pieter van Osch and Mark Stockli will work together and give all to make this the best session of 2014.

It is an interactive workshop, you will work on your Big Hairy Audacious Goal, that bright light spot on the horizon which attracts the right employees and provides you a clear framework to set your priorities and take decisions.

13:30 - 20:00

Keynote speaker John Spence!

How to inspire your team with maximum results!

Who inspired companies like Apple, Microsoft, but also successful startups and growing companies? Yes! It is John Spence. Driven by an insatiable curiosity to understand the fundamental aspects of what it takes to achieve and sustain excellence in business and life, John Spence has earned a reputation as a leading authority in the areas of Strategic Thinking, High-Performance Teams, Advanced Leadership Development, and Delivering Consistently Superior Customer Service, making him one of the most highly sought after executive educators and professional speakers in America.

John is a master of living by of his credo, “Making the Very Complex… Awesomely Simple”

The first International EO/Accelerator Forum Session

Together with EO members from Germany and Holland, the accelerators will join in a forum session to discuss a topic introduced by John Spence. You will learn from each others experiences, make new friends for the evening program and – who knows – for business as well!

Keynote speaker Sam Horn

How to interest people within 60 seconds!

(by video conference)

Sam Horn is one of the Top EO speakers. As the Pitch Coach for Springboard Enterprises (which has helped entrepreneurs receive $6.2 billion in funding); she helps people design and deliver pitches that win awards and millions in contracts.

The technique you learn, will be of practical use all your life!

20:00 -

Dinner at Canal Boats

Together with 200 entrepreneurs you’ll have dinner in a typical Canal boat, floating through Amsterdam. Exchange business experience and make business connection. But most of all: have fun! And enjoy this unique trip at the canals of Amsterdam.

After hours: Enjoy Amsterdam!

You will leave the canal boats in the heart of Amsterdam, right where it all happens at night. As a group we’ll have drinks at Bo Cinq. This one of the top notch bars in Amsterdam where all the beautiful people go! And, oh yeah, it is actually the longest bar in Amsterdam.

Of course you are free to go where you want. Ask local EO members to tell you where to go or join you.

21 November 2014

08:15 - 18:00

Keynote speaker Taco Oosterkamp

Raise your productivity dramatically!

When Sir Richard Brandson saw his training about how to be more productive, he instantly asked Taco to train all of his managers!

As a long-time entrepreneur, best-selling author and productivity expert, Taco Oosterkamp thoroughly enjoys helping entrepreneurs to optimize their productivity. He developed a proven system to help business owners free up one day every week to work on strategy, innovation and growth, or to just enjoy a three-day weekend. Don’t miss this one!

Keynote speaker Job ten Bosch

How Steve Jobs used the unconscious brain to influence people

Do you know what ‘framing‘ means?
It is a technique to influence the unconscious brain of your opponent. Why you should do that?
Because it will help you! Neuro Marketing is one of the trending topics in the Business World helping entrepreneurs and companies to spread their word.

Be amazed and experience how you can use techniques to convince others of your opinion.

Keynote speaker Cameron Herold

Master Serial Entrepreneur learning you the technique to scale up

(by video)

Cameron Herold is a hero within EO. His lessons about entrepreneurship are famous and mighty inspiring. He will talk about “the painted Picture”, a technique to share your vision with employees and clients and to make your company grow much faster.

This is a MUST SEE! You will be inspired! :>

Keynote speaker Rafael Horzon

“Me, my shelf - and I”

Rafael is a well know German entrepreneur, gallerist, author,
university founder and inventor.
His disruptive approach of entrepreneurship is the complete opposite to anything you have ever experienced.
If you want to have a peak into what he is capable of check out his website,
he has more companies than rocket and it ain’t copycats.

Keynote speaker Kees de Jong

The secret behind growth

Kees is a successful and known Dutch entrepreneur and enthusiastic EO member. His approach on how to grow your business with enthusiasm and KPI will blow your mind.

Kees is investor, Speaker on Growth and Growth Related Topics, author and lots more. He is also a coach of the Dutch accelerators, so he knows exactly what inspires you.

International Accelerator Forum Session

The topic of this second forum session will be introduced by Kees de Jong.
For an hour you will discuss a topic, using the technique of “the 6 thinking hats’ of prof. Bono.
This technique will be of influence to you the rest of your life!

Panel Discussion

3 successful German entrepreneurs and a VC are willing to come over to Amsterdam and join a Panel Discussion about Growth. Mainly energized by the questions that occurred during the Forum Session, they will give answers to your questions and their opinion about how to grow.

We are very proud to introduce the following Top entrepreneurs:
1. Dr. Jan Deepen – Founder of Sumup
2. Sebastian Klauke – Partner DCG Digital Ventures
3. Marcus Polke – Investment Director Acton Capital Partners
4. Dr. Jens Hutzschenreuther - Former Groupon Head of UK, Korea, Japan and Germany

Keynote speaker Waldemar Zeiler

The Entrepreneurs Pledge

Waldemar (EO Accelerator 2013) is a serial entrepreneur with an impressive track record.
He founded start-ups both with Berlin incubators Rocket Internet & Team Europe. After several years of scaling, fundraising and a lot of numbers he decided to use the “force” for a better foot print. What is he doing and how can you join the movement with over 25 great founders already? You will be surprised!

Keynote speaker Dr. Michael Trautmann

Scaling the fight against HIV

Michael (EO member) found thjnk, a well-known full service agency that recently added McDonalds to their list of customers. Michaels passion always drives him to push new ideas, his newest, the .hiv project is a fantastic approach of spreading the word and collecting money for the
fight against AIDS.

18:00 - 20:00

Closing Drink

It is not over yet. Yes, we’re done with the content. And we are very tired of a night out in Amsterdam and a full day of inspiration. We need a drink, badly!
At the venue we will have drinks and bites (bitterballen!!). To digest, to share your experience with others or to just hang out and enjoy.

20:00 -

What happened in Amsterdam, stays in Amsterdam

Let’s Party!

22 November 2014


Breakfast and check-out

No Program

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