The market for electric vehicles is growing fast. Market segments varying from personal transport, taxis, city logistics to public transport are shifting towards electrification of their fleet. Battery development drive down costs and increase the range of electric vehicles, while smart grids facilitate a more seamless integration of electric vehicles in electricity grid.

Developing and planning appropriate charging infrastructure is increasingly the big challenge for the large uptake of electric vehicles. Rapid developments in charging technology such as (ultra)fast charging and inductive charging may very well change the way we charge our electric vehicles in the future. In parallel developments with smart charging and connections to the energy markets are likely to relieve impact on the energy system while adding revenue streams for electric vehicle drivers.

Although research on charging infrastructure is represented at congresses on sustainable mobility, electric vehicles and/or smart grids, there are limited venues where the topic of charging infrastructure research is the central focus. 

ARCHI is organized to provide a platform to discuss the challenges around future charging infrastructure. It aims to bridge cutting edge research from researchers and concerns and challenges that practitioners in the field are faced with regarding the roll out of charging infrastructure.

ARCHI had a successful start in 2017 with 4 key note leading researches in the field, 12 TedX style presentations of cutting edge research and a valuable mix of researchers and practitioners. ARCHI-2018 will extend the programme by adding parallel sessions, increase international character with international speakers and actively facilitate connections between researchers and practitioners. 


Objectives of the Symposium

  • Present key research findings of different research institutes in the field of charging infrastructure 
  •  Providing an overview of established knowledge and identifying knowledge gaps in charging infrastructure research
  • Bringing together leading researchers and practicioners from industry in the field of Charging infrastructure
  • Collect elements for a future research agenda on charging infrastructure 
  • Provide a platform for researchers to present their research on charging infrastructure to academic peers and industry experts/practicioners


Target group

  • Researchers (universities, universities of applied science, 
  • Industry stakeholders / practitioners (utilities, CPO’s, service providers, grid operators)
  • Industry experts (e.g. specialized consultancies)
  • Municipalities, provincies, national government
  • NGOs
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 event registration made easy