Speakers ARCHI 2018

Introduction to the keynote speakers

Joeri Van Mierlo is a key player in the Electromobility scene. He is professor at the Vrije Universiteit Brussels, one of the top universities in this field. Prof. Dr. ir. Joeri Van Mierlo leads the MOBI – Mobility, Logistics and automotive technology research centre. A multidisciplinary and growing team of 100 staff members. Prof. Van Mierlo is Vice-president of AVERE, the European Electric Vehicle Association. 

Rik W. De Doncker is professor at RWTH Aachen University, Germany, where he leads the Institute for Power Electronics and Electrical Drives (ISEA). Since 2006 he was appointed director of the E.ON Energy Research Center at RWTH Aachen University, where he also founded the Institute for Power Generation and Storage Systems. He is director of the RWTH CAMPUS Cluster Sustainable Energy and leads the BMBF Flexible Electrical Networks (FEN) Research CAMPUS. He has published over 400 technical papers, is holder of 40+ patents and has been member of a large number of platforms related to electro-mobility. 

Crijn Bouman is Vice-President Product Line Management at ABB Product Group EV Charging Infrastructure. Bouman is responsible for business development and technology roadmaps in ABB’s electric vehicle infrastructure group. He is responsible for the development of ABB’s next generation charging infrastructure solutions for the global markets. He has focused strongly on the international automotive OEM’s and the fast-growing Chinese market for electric vehicles. 

Roel Smelt is Chief Innovation Officer at MisterGreen Electric Lease and always on the crossroads of technology disruptions and business acceleration. The upcoming transportation disruption has just started and will have massive impact on societies worldwide. With an in-depth understanding of this disruption MisterGreen will be able to anticipate and accelerate successfully. 

Pavol Bauer is currently Professor at the Department of Electrical Sustainable Energy of Delft University of Technology and head of DC Systems, Energy Conversion and Storage group. His research team focuses also on projects for smart cities such as PV charging of electric vehicles, PV and storage integration and contactless charging of electric vehicles. He holds 3 international patents related to e mobility and is one of the organizers of ProfEd E-mobility.

Robert van den Hoed (chair) is lector Energy & Innovation at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. His research focus is on future charging infrastructure for electric mobility and net-integration of electric vehicles. Van den Hoed leads a group of 15 researchers within the Urban Technology research program, dedicated to charging infrastructure research in close collaboration with industry partners. 

Parallel sessions speakers

Rick Wolbertus is a researcher at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences at the Urban Technology group and pursues his Ph.D. at the Transport and logistics group at Delft University of Technology. He obtained his master’s degree in Innovation Sciences from Eindhoven University of technology. His research interests include behavioral aspects of technology transitions with a special focus on the mobility domain. 

Ruben Driessen works as a product manager at Allego,  an internationally oriented charge point operator, focused on providing state of the art (cloud-based) charging solutions. Together with his colleagues he helps ensure that solution(s) chosen fit the local charging demand. A new to be developed network-planning tool will enhance the data & analytics-driven  approach on expanding the Allego network further. Ruben Driessen has a background in urban planning and led a data-scientist team at the Tax and Customs administration of the Netherlands.
Frank Mak works as Product Owner Analytics at Allego, an internationally oriented charge point operator, focused on providing state of the art (cloud-based) charging solutions. Frank is responsible for a team of data savvy enthusiasts, that focuses on transforming the available company data into actionable insights. Allego invested a year ago heavily on data integration, and now the road is clear to develop innovative data driven solutions. Frank Mak has a background in predictive analytics and worked as a consultant for several industry leaders.
Harm-Jan Idema is an expert and strategic senior consultant in the field of E-Mobility and Smart Charging at APPM, a proud partner in the Living Lab Smart Charging. Harm-Jan is working with international public and private organizations (e.g. national and regional governments, energy companies, grid operators etc.) with their business plans in E-Mobility and Smart Charging. He has developed several business cases and innovative projects, like the E-Mobility business models for energy companies, the roll out of Smart Charging infrastructure and the electric taxis at Schiphol airport. Harm-Jan has detailed know-how about the E-Mobility market, business cases and is a driving force for many organizations in their business developments. 
Michel Bayings is expert in the electric mobility market with a strong focus on charge infrastructure in a Smart City environment. Director of eMobility Consulting, which assists organisations to remove international barriers for buying, driving and charging electric vehicles. Michel is involved in EV since 2008. Participated in Dutch Formule E-team, contributed to setup and activities of ElaadNL, Advisor of EV branch organisation eViolin – currently secretary, developed first EV charge point management system CiMS, initiated and designed world’s first national roaming system CIR, involved in Open Charge Alliance (OCPP/OSCP) and several roaming platforms. 
Jelle Meersmans is new business and product manager at the Belgian energy software company Enervalis where his main focus areas are smart EV charging, vehicle-to-X and microgrid development.
Prior to joining Enervalis, he set up the demand response and e-mobility activities for Lampiris and Total and served other large utilities during his time in consultancy.
He has a strong passion for new disruptive technologies that have the potential to accelerate the energy transition towards a zero-carbon economy and transform them into viable business models together with customers and partners.
For more than 5 years Roos van der Ploeg works as a consultant on electric mobility for EVConsult. She is specialized in the realization of public charging infrastructure and charging innovations to contribute to a future prove charging network. She is involved in national and international projects on charging strategies, V2G charging and solar charging. Currently she is project leader of a knowledge platform for Alternative Charging Solutions, for the The Netherlands Knowledge Platform for Public Charging Infrastructure (NKL). Together with municipalities, provinces, knowledge institutes & the market innovations are evaluated to improve the business model for charging and to integrate the infrastructure in urban planning and landscape of cities.

Gertjan Geurts is co-founder of the startup Social Charging, which connects electric drivers to each other and to smart systems, via their user-friendly apps. Social Charging enables EV-drivers to easily share corporate and public charging points and to smart charge their cars to improve charging efficiency. 

Social Charging is winner of the Smart Mobility Challenge and Open Data FWD Challenge and succesfully finished the European Space Agency business incubation program. They partner with many major players in the emobility value chain. Social Charging has connections to EV service provider backends operating 50.000+ charging stations. And they are involved in one of the biggest smart charging pilots worldwide. Some keywords: social, smart, location tech, pioneering, multinationals, OCPI.

TKI Urban Energy provides a project overview and insight in national funding opportunities. 

Smart Charging of electric vehicles can contribute to the flexibility of the energy system. TKI Urban Energy acknowledges the importance of Smart Charging and has included  ‘Energy Services for EV ‘as part of  her program. Yvonne Boerakker, Program Director at TKI Urban Energy says: "We are very enthusiastic about the ARCHI symposium. It is The Place to get insight in the latest developments, share knowledge and meet experts on smart charging. We are convinced that it will lead to interesting new ideas and concepts.TKI gladly contributes. In 2017 ARCHI was a great success, and we expect it to be a very successful event this year again."

TKI Urban Energy supports the development of energy innovations which contribute to a fast transition to a sustainable, reliable and affordable energy system and infrastructure in the built environment. It strengthens the economic competition of companies and knowledge institutions involved. Yvonne Boerakker gives an indication of the current subsidized projects of smart charging and the possibilities of main national funding sources (TKI, RVO, NWO-SIA, NKL).

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 event registration made easy