Workshop VanBerlo

Workshop VanBerlo

Use cycle

During this workshop by design agency VanBerlo, we will focus on the user: what happens when people start using your product? What is needed to install it, set it up, service it, use it, upgrade or discard it, etc. By thinking through all the use cases of your product carefully, you will get to know it better. Could even find new ways to improve it! We will take you through one of our cases, and then let you evaluate the use cycle of the idea you prepared at home. Then you present your idea to us. We will give you feedback (in a plenary presentation) in the way of comments and suggestions on the design and operation of your idea. If possible it's very handy if two people of the company are present at the workshop. 

About VanBerlo

VanBerlo has decades of experience in developing and managing complex creative products and services, in creating innovative and well-rounded solutions. Customer wishes and the need for innovation are counterbalanced, between what is technologically possible and what will help our client’s company grow. Workshop instructor Eric Biermann (1975) joined VanBerlo in 2009. In his role as Design & Development Director, Eric specialises in developing and bringing complex products to market. 


On Tuesday July 7, We start at 12:00 and close at 14:30 pm.