Session C - Modeling 

Modeling: whole cell, multiscale, genome scale

Chair: Christian Fleck, Wageningen UR

Tuesday April 19, 11:00 - 12:30 - Room Azië 1+2


  • Robert Planqué, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (11:00 - 11:22)
    Robust adaptive control of maximal specific flux in microbes
  • Sjoerd Opdam, University of Technology, Eindhoven (11:22 - 11:44)
    Bottom-up model to gain fundamental insights in the mechanism of switching between respiration and fermentation
  • Alejandro Morales Sierra, Wageningen University (11:44 - 12:06)
    Modelling the effects of non-photochemical quenching and metabolic regulation on dynamic leaf photosynthesis
  • Christian Fleck, Wageningen UR (12:06 - 12:30) 
    Data-driven modeling of intracellular auxin fluxes indicates a dominant role of the ER in controlling nuclear auxin uptake (Chair, PI talk)


Abstracts: Abstracts session C.pdf





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