Session X - Gene regulation


Chair: Patrick Kemmeren, Princess Maxima Center for Pediatric Oncology

Wednesday April 20, 14:15 - 15:45 - room Amerika


  • Luca Santuari, Plant Developmental Biology, Wageningen UR (14:15 - 14:37)
    PLETHORA gradient dependent transcription programs guide stem cell progression to differentiation
  • Dick de Ridder, Wageningen University (14:37 - 14:49)
    Predicting Internal Ribosome Entry Site (IRES) activity from sequence
  • Matteo Barberis, University of Amsterdam, SILS (14:59 - 15:21)
    Identification of a novel cyclin/Cdk1-mediated feed-forward loop on gene regulation in the budding yeast cell cycle
  • Patrick Kemmeren, Princess Maxima Center for Pediatric Oncology (15:21 - 15:45)
    Large-scale genetic perturbations to investigate regulatory networks and mechanisms of genetic interactions (Chair, PI-talk)


Abstracts: Abstracts session X.pdf


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