Session B1: NGS Data analysis (1)

Tuesday April 4

11:00 - 12:30, room Europa



  • Oscar Krijgsman, Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI) (11:00 - 11:22)
    XenofilteR: separate graft from host reads in xenograft sequencing
  • Szymon Kiełbasa, LUMC (11:22 - 11:44)
    Varcatch, an efficient method to reduce preferential alignment of reference over alternative alleles in next-generation sequencing data 
  • Veronika Laine, NIOO-KNAW (11:44 - 12:06)
    The hidden information of unmapped reads in a wild songbird
  • Walter Pirovano, Baseclear (PI-talk/Chair) (12:06 - 12:30)
    Prepare yourself and get ready: Oxford Nanopore is here to stay! A snapshot of current genomics applications and roadmap of a revolutionary technique.


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