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Dear participant, welcome to the "BWI European Meetings" Registration Form. There will be three meetings - BWI European Regional Conference (13 December 2018), BWI European Regional Women's Committee (13 December 2018) and BWI European Regional Committee (14 December 2018).


If you do not have a certain arrival/departure dates while registering, please select provisional dates and leave a comment for us at the end of registration form.


Once you have information or any other changes to make, you can edit your form later or inform Gulsah Doruk directly (please see below the contact information).


If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Gulsah Doruk - &  +90 (537) 4647478 -.

The BWI will book your room and will send you information accordingly. Kindly select "No" if you will book your hotel room and do not need assistance from the BWI. 

Participants from several EU countries (Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain and UK) need to apply for visa. The application should be made via visiting the website of Electronic Visa Application System - (you can change language). Once you finalised your application and paid visa fee online, you will receive your visa in PDF format which you should print and show to the border officer. 


Participants from other countries do not need to apply for a visa. Submission of the invitation letter and your hotel confirmation letter will be sufficient to enter the country. 


If you have any assistance for visa application or need any additional documents, please contact Gulsah Doruk -

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