Dear participant, welcome to the BWI European Women's Conference Registration Form. Some of the questions below are obligatory to respond. However, if you do not have information to respond, you can simply write "TBC". Once you have information, you can edit your form or inform Anna Andreyeva directly (please see below the contact information).

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Anna Andreyeva, by email &  +7 (911) 231 4275 and by mobile +380 (63) 620 0821.

Kindly respond "YES" to if you need a reservation made by the BWI at Hotel Saraj where the meeting will take place in. Daily single room price including breakfast is around 40 Euro while full board (with breakfast, lunch and meal) single and double room price is around 64 Euro at Hotel Saraj. Then, please respond to the questions regarding your creadit card to secure your booking. We will later send you a hotel confirmation letter.


Kindly respond "NO" if you will book your hotel room and do not need assistance from the BWI.

For your visa application, you will receive an invitation letter and an information letter for the consideration of the Embassy/Consulate of Switzerland in your country. In this sense, kindly fill the questions below in order to provide necessary information for these letters.

symposium registration
 symposium registration