28 June 2011

09:00 -

Fast description of the five levels of EN 13606: where each level impacts the activities in CHIRON (Jan-Marc Verlinden – ZG)

09:30 -

Presentation of the openEHR structure (Bert Verhees – ZG)

10:30 -

Presentation of the CDA – R2 structure (Mauro Giacomini – UNIGE)

11:30 -

Demo on a simple ontology (Alexander Brasaola Ibermatica)

12:30 -

Demo of exchanging observations with openEHR structure (Viola Parodi ITS)

13:30 -


14:00 -

How the of use of Standard Terminology with HL7 CTS - Common Terminology Services can help semantic data exchange within CHIRON (Mauro Giacomini – UNIGE)

15:00 -

Demo of a visual rules editor to generate Ontology Reasoning Rules (Alexander Brasaola Ibermatica)

15:30 -

Demo of exchanging HL7-V3 XML messages (with SOA approach) - (Viola Parodi ITS)

16:00 -

Demo of exchanging observations with CDA – R2 structure (Viola Parodi ITS)

16:30 -

Presentation of the technologies/standards for the ontology in CHIRON (Alexander Brasaola Ibermatica)

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