On Wednesday February 5th, 2020 the Circular Harvest event is organized in the national “Week of the Circular Economy” to promote the topic, stimulate new collaborations, and present the research findings of the minor students of various faculties. 

The program includes keynote speaker Professor dr Jan Jonker, who is a leading writer, and thinker about the circular economy. 

Furthermore, expect to see exhibitions, take part in interactive student-led workshops, and network with free drinks and snacks. Students, (circular) businesses, and anyone else enthusiastic about the topic is invited to take part in this event.

The Circular Economy Field Lab

Every year the Fieldlab facilitates a Circular Economy & Business Innovation minor in which students from a variety of educational programs learn the ins and outs of the circular economy. In a field project students work in groups of four on questions of companies with regards to the implementation of- or opportunities in the circular economy. Students also assume an individual project in which they disseminate knowledge on a circular topic of their interest in the form of a workshop, an e-book or a literature review. 


Circular Harvest is a collaboration of: