Top 3 Cake Toppers to Choose for your Cake

Cake decoration is continually evolving with different innovations. Toppers are not left out in the beautification process. Cake topping is the covering of the outer surface of the cake with a paste or design to give an appealing look. Much like the icing process, cake topping is however unique in that it uses objects and at some instances real-life objects to present an image of the decoration. Toppers are often colorful and attractive. They add great aesthetics to the final cake decoration. 

When applying cake toppers, the event for which the cake is made may be of consideration because some designs are well suited for particular occasions. Birthdays, weddings and other anniversaries have toppers that are best suited to pass a message that goes along with the event in question.

Here are the top three cake toppers for occasions you should know according to Clear Publicist.

Fruit toppers

Fruits depict nature and are colorful. When you need to add some natural feel to a cake decoration, using fruits is a great way. Have in mind that fruits here are not real fruits, though lately, some decorations come with decorations of real fruits that also add flavor to the final cake. But it is most times not the case. The fruits are in sizes that will fit into the cake properly without any form of an oddity.

Bell theme toppers

Probably, this is where it all begins from. The wedding toppers have been ages long for cake decoration. The appearance of wedding bell says it all that the dotted lines are about to be signed by two lovers. You’d most times find this topper in most wedding cakes designed by professional cake decorators. Until now, icing sugar has been the major ingredient for making this topper.

Photo-cake topper

This is a rare design that is still new in the cake toppers application process. It is a design that utilizes the printing technology. A topper of this type is first printed on the computer before being passed to a printer that is designed for this purpose. A special sheet of paper is used during this printing. Know that this paper would have to pass some safety test to be used for cake decoration. Food coloring certification would be required for this to be qualified for food. This photo design is used to bring out special information on the cake concerning the occasion. For the application of this topper, careful placing on the icing sugar will make it fit properly into the decoration style of the cake. With a photo topper, a printed image with a special paper is used for the cake topping.


Cake toppers add style and color to a cake decoration. There is a topper that best fits an occasion. When decorating with a topper, you’d do well to know what the event is meant for to what would be the appropriate topper to be used.


Do toppers add any beautification to cakes? Find out the top three toppers and how you can apply them to cake design.

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