Directions to YES!Delft


YES!Delft Molengraaffsingel 12 (Enter ‘Schoemakerstraat 340’ in case your navigation device doesn’t recognize the address), 2629 JD Delft

Contact information

Phone: 0031 (0)15 2782816. Email:

Directions from Rotterdam or Amsterdam

  • Keep driving towards Delft until you reach exit 10: TU Delft/Delftech Park
  • When you’re on the exit, look for the signs with ‘TU Delft/Delftech Park’
  • At the bottom of the exit, take a left turn and drive under the overpass
  • You are now driving on the Schoemakerstraat
  • When you reach a road that bends to the right, take a left turn in the bend, this is the Molengraaffsingel

The YES!Delft building is now right in front of you You can now let the receptionist know that you’ve arrived. The reception desk is on the ground floor at the main entrance.

Parking (free)

  1. Parking at Korfball Fortuna (Schoemakerstraat 340) (2 minute walk)
  2. Parking in front of the 3M building (Molengraaffsingel 29) (2 minute walk)
  3. Parking at Delft University of Technology (van den Broekweg) (9 minute walk)


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 ticket sales