In the workshops we will introduce you to the different Communities of Practice. Furthermore you can follow the workshop about the Guiding Principles.


COP Groningen (NL) - Harold Hofenk (Hanze UAS)

Change Agent as a Paradox Navigator in a Social Innovation.
Stimulating a Healthy environment (physical & social) with a focus on physical activity.

Partners: Municipality of Groningen, Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen, Plaza Sportiva and SWECO.


COP Odense (DK) - Danielle Johansen (University of Southern Denmark)

Once upon a time, a Community of Practice was established in the fairytalish city of Odense, Denmark...
Aimed at the further development and education of professionals who work on stimulating physical activity in community dwelling older adults

Partners: University of Southern Denmark (SDU) and Fit & Sund.


COP Malaga (ES) - Iván López (University of Malaga)

Active communities for active citizens: The Malaga COP experience.
Developing, implementing and evaluating outdoor fitness

Have a look at the website of this local COP

Partners: University of Malaga and Malaga County Council.


COP Kaunas (LT) - Brigita Mieziene (Lithuanian Sports University)

Healthy lifestyle promotion for children and the elderly
Focussed on providing opportunities for exercising and physical activity for primary school children and community members older than 50 in the Kaunas district

Partners: Kaunas District Public Health Bureau, Active training, and Lithuanian Sports University (LSU)


COP Alcobaça (PT) - Marco Clemente (Physioclem)

A youth-to-youth impact wave. Promoting healthy lifestyle in Portugal

Develop, organize for and together with the stakeholders and end users (youngsters from 12-24 years old) activities focused on healthy lifestyle (e.g., healthy cooking workshops, parent-child physical activities etc.)

Have look at the website of this local COP 

Partners: Physioclem


COP Cascais (PT) - Patricia Almeida (School of Health Sciences of Alcoitão)

Dealing with the paradigms of co-creation, impact and sustainability in a hierarchical and traditional culture, for social innovation.

Partners: Alcoitão School of Health Sciences (ESSA) of Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa (SCML).


Guiding Principles - Marije Bosch (University of Groningen)

In this session you will learn about the 11 guiding principles (developed collectively in the COP4HL project) that can be instrumental in developing active communities of practice

Partners: Healthwise/University of Groningen, Te Velde Research & Consultancy and Hanze UAS.


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